Ex-Giuliani Adviser Admits Giuliani is Deteriorating, More 'Sloppy' But Says It's 'All Part of a Calculated Plan'

Rudy Giuliani's former 1993 mayoral campaign press secretary Ken Frydman was interviewed Thursday on the MSNBC program The Beat by Ayman Mohyeldin about Giuliani's recent interview in New York magazine and Giuliani's perceived odd behavior.

Frydman posited the idea that Giuliani was giving mixed messages in interviews and acting strangely for a reason.

"I think the idea is to continue to create chaos," Frydman, who has also worked as a public relations consultant for Newsweek, said. "You can picture he and Trump in the Oval Office, weaving all these schemes. Rudy has said his goal is to disrupt the world and he's doing that."

"Don't take your eye off the ball, don't look behind the curtain and, really, don't listen to what he is saying because it seems, on its face, insane and conspiratorial. But I think it plays to his base. It's red meat to a dog."

Frydman also said he believes Giuliani's drinking during the interview with New York fits into a grander design.

"Obviously, one Bloody Mary is his limit, not two," Frydman said. "He's gotten progressively more sloppy. But I think it's all part of a calculated plan."

rudy giuliani
Rudy Giuliani's former press secretary Ken Frydman said on MSNBC Thursday that Giuliani's seemingly erratic behavior is all 'part of a calculated plan.' Roy Rochlin/Getty

Giuliani responded to accusations that he was an alcoholic in the magazine interview.

"I love scotch," Giuliani said. "I can't help it. All of the malts. And part of it is cigars—I love to have them with cigars. I'm a partyer."

Giuliani also addressed with disdain how history would view him saying, "My attitude about my legacy is f*** it."

When asked what he thought Giuliani's legacy would be Frydman said, "It would have been 'America's Mayor dies.' Now it will be 'Man who lied for Trump, America's Mayor, dies.'"

Frydman reiterated that he does care about his own legacy and said that Giuliani's behavior "hurt my resumé and a lot of people who worked very hard to clean up his broken city when he was mayor. It's had an impact on lots of lives watching his deterioration."

In October, Frydman wrote an opinion piece for The New York Times about Giuliani, claiming that the former mayor is not the person he used to be.

"After his mayoralty ended in 2002, Rudy went to work for what seemed like every rich bad guy and tinpot dictator who called," Frydman wrote. "He charged $100,000 for self-aggrandizing speeches about his heroic leadership after Sept. 11. He became a multimillionaire."

"In perfect political symmetry, Rudy Giuliani now does Donald Trump's dirty work: Vainly trying to cover up the Ukrainian cover-up and attacking a Democratic presidential front-runner, Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter," Frydman added.

Update: This story has been updated to include that Ken Frydman has worked as a public relations consultant for Newsweek.