Ex-Subway Worker Says One Sandwich Order Still 'Haunts Their Nightmares'

An alleged former Subway worker revealed in a now-viral Twitter thread the one sandwich order that still "haunts [their] nightmares."

Tweeting under the username Garlic (@pb_and_garlic), the former employee wrote: "While I worked at Subway in my early twenties, I made many...questionable sandwiches. But there is one I will never forget...It haunts my nightmares." The thread has amassed a combined total of over 320,000 likes and thousands of replies from people who shared that they, too, were "disturbed" by the sandwich order.

"This early dinnertime shift (5-6 p.m.), there were three of us working the line...[and] a group of high school-aged kids came in," Garlic began.

"I served the second girl in the group. She wanted a footlong on white bread, cool. Double provolone and double American cheese, I can respect that. Does she want it toasted? No. Veggies? No. Sauce? Yes, ranch please," Garlic continued.

Sub sandwich
An alleged former Subway worker revealed in a now-viral Twitter thread the one sandwich order that still "haunts [their] nightmares." The worker revealed she couldn't believe the sandwich was later consumed. chas53/istock

They proceeded to put "two lines" of ranch on the girl's sub, but the girl wanted more. So, Garlic said she added two more lines, but this still wasn't enough.

"I add more. At this point, the cheese, the only other thing on the bread, is nearly obscured. She's irritated now. 'Just keep going [the girl said]...I'll tell you when to stop,'" Garlic tweeted.

Garlic said she poured and poured until finally, she ran out of dressing. When the customer asked if they had another bottle, Garlic looked to their manager, who told them to break out more ranch.

"I must have eventually satisfied her demands for ranch dressing. I weakly asked if she would like salt or pepper (no). I don't know how I wrapped that thing, I must have blacked out. I just remember how wet it was," Garlic said. "She paid for that monstrosity and then sat down and ate with her friends, seemingly without incident. I don't know how."

How Popular Is Ranch?

The customer from Garlic's story isn't America's only ranch-lover. About 40 percent of those surveyed by the Association for Dressings and Sauces in 2017 said ranch was their favorite salad dressing, The New York Times reported. Of course, ranch is more than just a salad dressing—it's a condiment consumed with all sorts of foods.

"Global market research firm Ipsos Omnibus revealed nearly 70 percent of ranch usage occurs outside the salad bowl," Today stated. "That figure is even higher for Hidden Valley Ranch's packet seasoning mix, ringing in at nearly 80 percent."

In 2019, social networking site Influenster conducted an "unofficial" survey to determine the most popular condiment across all 50 states, and found ranch "reigned supreme" in six of them, Today added.

Twitter Reacts

Despite how beloved ranch dressing has become, many Twitter users were disgusted by the sandwich featured in Garlic's story.

"This is disturbing but I love the way you told the story," LaFemmeFatali said.

"Wait—she sat down with her friends and ate that? You saw her orally consume it there in the store? You may be entitled to compensation," Miles Vorkosigan joked.

"As a born and bred Midwesterner, I love me some ranch dressing, but this legit made me gag," Donut wrote.

"This may be my actual nightmare," MegTweetz replied.

Lantern Slade added: "I hope Two Bottle Ranch Sandwich girl is doing okay today."

Newsweek reached out to Garlic for comment.

Other Viral Moments

Interestingly enough, Garlic's post isn't the first ranch-centered story to make headlines.

In October, for example, a Jack in the Box employee was dubbed a "hero" after a video showing her giving a customer an entire box of ranch dressing went viral on TikTok. In February, a purported Wingstop worker went viral for revealing the restaurant chain's ranch recipe.

And sadly, a Jack in the Box employee was shot in April following an alleged dispute over buttermilk dipping sauce.