Extremely Rare Lobster Saved from Becoming Red Lobster Dinner

Last week, one lucky lobster was saved from its fate as part of a $20 dinner special and was instead rerouted to a museum.

When one Red Lobster employee in Manassas, Virginia noticed that one of the restaurant's lobsters looked different than the others, they decided it was best to avoid sending it to the kitchen. Fox News reports that the employee decided to call Seafood Watch, a conservation program run by an aquarium in California.

As it turns out, the employee was right to call the program, as the lobster in question was discovered to be incredibly rare.

Fox News reports that the lobster, named Freckles after its spotted appearance, is a calico lobster. According to National Geographic, the odds of finding one of these colorful crustaceans is between one in 30 million and one in 50 million.

In a statement obtained by NewsObserver, Red Lobster shared that the calico's unique coloring causes the species to be "very visible and thus vulnerable to predators."

"Because a Calico lobster is so rare and vulnerable in the wild, it was important that we found it a good home versus setting it free in the wild," the company continued in the statement.

After coordinating with the Akron Zoo, Red Lobster hopes Freckles will soon call Virginia Living Museum its home.

"Calico-colored lobsters like Freckles are so rare, it was almost unbelievable that we received one," exclaimed Red Lobster in a statement obtained by Fox News. "We are so proud of our employees for recognizing that Freckles was so special – and for reaching out so we could make arrangements for rescue ... We hope Freckles brings lots of joy to guests of the museum and lives a long and wonderful life."

The company shared in the statement that Freckles had to undergo an examination, as well as a 30-day quarantine period to be admitted to the museum. If the lobster can remain healthy, it will join the museum's living lobster display once the quarantine period has ended.

Over the years, aquariums all across the country have been lucky to receive rare lobsters from unexpected places. The New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre received a rare ghost lobster caught off the coast of Maine, and the New England Aquarium received another "1 in 30 million" lobster from a Massachusetts supermarket.

So, who will be the next one in 30 million to find a rare lobster?

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