How Your Face Shape Changes Depending on the Lens You Use

We all have a good side for photographs, and dread the double chin making an appearance if we're caught at an odd angle.

But if you hate the way you look in photos, and suspect the camera was adding a few pounds, you might be right

A viral video using various lenses has revealed how drastically they alter our face shape.

A professional photographer, called @Harrison online, took a series of selfies using more than ten different sizes, ranging from 16mm to 200mm.

The montage shows his face appearing long and thin when shot with the lens at the lowest end.

As he works up the sizes, his face becomes larger and rounder—a stark contrast to the original shot.

Photographer using 6mm lens
A photographer, @Harrison, shows how his face appears when using a 16mm lens. @Harrison

"The difference a lens choice can make to a portrait photograph," Harrison captioned the original Twitter clip, shared in January.

The reel has been watched millions of times after Harrison shared it across his social media platforms, with Harrison telling Newsweek he's been "blown away" by the response.

He said: "People were pretty taken back about how much of an effect the lens can make to your appearance, everyone was super engaging too. I think it's just something you tend to not really think about it unless you're around cameras every day.

"I'd say my favorite focal length to shoot natural portraits is anywhere between 50 and 85, but it doesn't mean I'll always pick those. It's a lot of fun to mix it up and grab a super wide-angle lens every now and then, although it won't be the most realistic, you can get some really cool effects.

"I was blown away by the response of the video. I hoped it would do well but this to me was another level. I also had a lot of people cracking some great jokes about me too which I found hilarious."

Photographer using 200mm lens.
A photographer, @Harrison, shows how his face appears when using a 200mm lens. @Harrison

After watching the clip people are in shock over how much their face shape changes depending on the lens used, with some people calling it "witchcraft."

Adrian Edmondson joked: "So I can eat and drink all I want as long as they shoot me on a 2mm lens?"

Twitter user Mel Radloff replied: "Interesting. I didn't realize how much it changes a person's face as well..."

"So you're saying there are lenses in which my head would not be massive and round?" James Smythe asked.

Kerry Fisher thought: "Is that why passport officers always stare straight into your eyes? The bits that don't change."

"I used to have a webcam that made my forehead look like a Vic Reeves painting," added Yellowblam.

Lissa Berry called it "witchcraft," while someone else added: "Wow the camera really does put on the lbs."