'The Fairly Odd Parents': What We Know About the Paramount+ Live Action Reboot

Paramount+ is in the process of rebooting some of Nickelodeon's biggest shows, with Rugrats and iCarly already on the streamer. The Fairly Odd Parents is the latest show to get a new version on the streaming service, but it will look slightly different to what fans are used to.

In July, Paramount+ revealed that the new version of the animation about a boy with two wish-granting fairy godparents will be a mixture of animation and live action, and will feature a new generation of the Turner family. Read on for everything you need to know about The Fairly Odd Parents reboot, including the cast and plot.

Who is in the cast of The Fairly Odd Parents reboot?

On the live action side of things, Audrey Grace Marshall will play Viv Turner, the teenage cousin of original protagonist Timmy Turner. Marshall was last seen in HBO Max's The Flight Attendant, where she played the younger version of Kaley Cuoco's lead character.

In the show, she will have a stepbrother named Roy Ragland, played by Tyler Wladis of Single Parents. Their parents will be played by Perfect Harmony star Laura Bell Bundy as Roy's mom Rachel, while Ryan-James Hatanaka of Nancy Drew will be Viv's father Ty.

Nickelodeon fans worried that this sounds like too much change, however, can rest assured that two pieces of casting remain the same: Susanne Blakeslee and Daran Norris will be back as the voices of Wanda and Cosmo, who will be animated.

Original character Timmy Turner will also be back, though who is playing him hasn't been revealed yet. The character was originally played in three live-action movies by Drake Bell, though his current legal troubles and two-year prison sentence are likely to mean he won't be reprising the role.

What will The Fairly Odd Parents reboot be about?

The new show will link into the canon of the first. In this new show, Viv, Roy and family move to Dimmsdale, the home of Timmy Turner. To make the transition easier, Timmy gives Cosmo and Wanda to his cousin; but in a typical magical twist, he also accidentally gives them the power to grant Roy's wishes.

Nickelodeon CEO Brian Robbins confirmed the hybrid animation style in a Hollywood Reporter interview. He said: "The Fairly Odd Parents show is a hybrid so that the fairies are animated and all the humans are live actors."

When will The Fairly Odd Parents reboot be out?

A release date hasn't been announced for the reboot. However, Robbins confirmed that the show has gone into production, suggesting a release date around the start of 2022.

While viewers wait for the new reboot, all the episodes of the original show are streaming now on Paramount+.

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"The Fairly Odd Parents" is the latest Nickelodeon show to get a Paramount+ reboot. Paramount+