'Fallout 76': How to Get Hellcat Power Armor Mods

Fallout 76's new Steel Reign update adds plenty of additional content to Bethesda's live service, including a branching questline, a refined crafting system and formidable gear like the hellcat power armor.

How to Get the Hellcat Power Armor

The hellcat power armor is actually your final reward for finishing the entire Steel Reign questline, which means you will have to complete all five story missions, starting with "A Knight's Penance" and working your way through to "The Catalyst." The latter will see you finally putting an end to the super mutant scourge that is threatening Appalachia and ultimately deciding the fate of the local Brotherhood of Steel chapter.

In the quest, you must resolve the ongoing internal power struggle between Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin, by choosing one prospective leader over the other. This is one of two major choices that define your ending in Steel Reign.

While it has massive narrative implications, it will not affect your reward in any way. No matter who you choose to support, you will still receive the hellcat power armor and its corresponding blueprint.

Incidentally, if you want to blitz through Steel Reign and get your hands on this desirable loot, you will first need to complete the preceding expansion, Steel Dawn. Unlocked at level 20, this earlier story arc begins with the "Welcome to the Neighborhood" quest and ends with "The Best Defense."

Is the Hellcat Power Armor Worth It?

Hellcat Power Armour in Fallout 76
To unlock the hellcat power armour, players will have to complete the entire "Steel Reign" questline. Bethesda

Once Steel Reign has concluded, you will be rewarded with the hellcat power armor and its crafting blueprint (in case you ever misplace your initial set).

There is currently some debate amongst the Fallout 76 community, over whether the apparel is truly superior to older examples of power armor that can already be found in the game. Those in favor of the new addition cite its handy special effect status, which sees each individual piece of the armor reduce incoming ballistic damage by two percent. Meanwhile, those who are less impressed note that the hellcat suit has inferior base stats to the T-65 model that was introduced in the Wastelanders expansion.

If you want to make up your own mind, everything you need to know about the hellcat power armor is displayed below. Please note, figures show the cumulative stats for the complete set of armor (including the head, the helmet, the torso, the two arms, and the two legs).

Hellcat Power Armor Stats:

  • DR: 436 (Damage Resistance)
  • ER: 320 (Energy Resistance)
  • RR: 320 (Radiation Resistance)

Hellcat Power Armor Effects:

  • 42 percent damage reduction
  • 90 percent radiation damage reduction
  • 12 percent ballistic damage reduction

How to Get Hellcat Power Armor Mods

To purchase mods for the hellcat power armor, you will need to head over to Vault 79 and purchase the plans from Regs. For context, Regs is a vendor who is unlocked over the course of the Wastelanders questline, meaning that you must complete that separate expansion before you can do any tinkering with your new gear.

Regs will sell you mod plans (which are essentially crafting schematics) in exchange for gold bullion. This currency can be accumulated by participating in public events or through purchasing from another trader, Smiley, over at the wayward shop.

List of Hellcat Power Armor Mods

The applicable mods for the Hellcat Power Armor are listed below. Please note, you will only be purchasing the plans (or blueprints) from Regs and so will have to craft them yourself once you have got the schematics.

  • A Cooling Vent (200 Bullion): Reduces the depletion rate of any fusion cores powering the suit.
  • Motion-Assist Servos (200 Bullion): Boosts your strength so that you can carry more weight without becoming over-encumbered.
  • Blood Cleanser (1200 Bullion): Decreases your chance of getting addicted to drugs.
  • Calibrated Shocks (3000 Bullion): Increases your carry weight capacity.
  • Core Assembly (1200 Bullion): Increases your Action Point (AP) refresh speed, allowing you to sprint and use VATS more often.
  • Emergency Protocol (2000 Bullion): When you are below 20 percent health, your speed increases by 25 percent and incoming damage is reduced by 50 percent.
  • Hydraulic Braces (600 Bullion): Increases your unarmed damage.
  • Rusty Knuckles (600 Bullion): Unarmed attacks cause bleeding.
  • Tesla Bracers (1200 Bullion): Unarmed attacks cause energy damage.
  • Tesla Coils (300 Bullion): Causes energy damage to nearby opponents.
  • Internal Database (200 Bullion): Increases your base intelligence.
  • Jetpack (3000 Bullion): Exactly what it sounds like.
  • Kinetic Dynamo (1200 Bullion): Taking damage recharges your AP.
  • Kinetic Servos (1200 Bullion): Increases AP recharge speed while moving.
  • Medic Pump (600 Bullion): Automatically consumes a stimpack when your health is low.
  • Optimized Braces (200 Bullion): Reduces the AP expenditure associated with power attacks.
  • Optimized Servos (2000 Bullion): Reduces the AP expenditure associated with sprinting.
  • Overdrive Servos (2000 Bullion): Increases sprint speed at additional AP cost.
  • Reactive Plates (3000 Bullion): Reflects 50 percent of incoming melee damage back onto the attacker.
  • Recon Sensors (600 Bullion): Aiming down the sights tags enemies onto your compass.
  • Sensor Array (200 Bullion): Increases your base perception.
  • Stealth Boy (3000 Bullion): Activates camouflage mode whilst you are crouched.
  • Targeting Hud (3000 Bullion): Visor highlights living targets.
  • VATS Matrix Overlay (200 Bullion): Increases VATS hit probability.

In addition to all of the above, the Hellcat power armor can be upgraded via the newly introduced legendary crafting system.

Fallout 76's Steel Reign update is available to download for free now, with Bethesda hoping that it will incentivize players to give their game another chance.

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