'Fallout 76': What Is the Lab Door Code in "Out of the Blue"?

Fallout 76's "Out of the Blue" quest features an intricate puzzle that requires you to decrypt a passcode to unlock a sealed door. There are a few steps involved with this and it's quite easy to overlook certain clues, which is why we have put together a comprehensive walkthrough to help you out.

Getting to Harper Ferry Train Tunnel

Before you even start worrying about how to decode the password, you must find the locked door in the first place.

With the launch of the Steel Reign update, Fallout 76 is placing more emphasis than ever on NPC interaction. As such, you will need to do quite a bit of talking in order to initiate "Out of the Blue."

The quest giver is Paladin Rahmani, who as always can be located at Fort Atlas. When you find her, she will be engaged in an intense conversation with the Brotherhood of Steel's designated crop supplier, Art Knapp.

The farmer is distressed because his niece has vanished without a trace after she went travelling with a local faction. It transpires that this is merely the latest in a long string of disappearances and Rahmani suspects that the Blue Ridge Caravan company may be responsible.

She ropes you into her investigation and together you head off to Blue Ridge's headquarters. The quickest way to get there is by fast travel to the "Big Bend Tunnel West" landmark, which can be found in the "Ash Heap" region of the map. From there, follow your compass marker to the caravan's office in the centre of the base.

Upon arrival, you will speak to Joanne Mayfield, leader of Blue Ridge, who vehemently denies any involvement with the missing person case. Keen to get to the bottom of things herself, Joanne gives you a lead and suggests that you check out an underground base situated in the Harper Ferry train tunnel. This can be located all the way on the east side of the map.

Blue Ridge Caravan Company in Fallout 76
One of the first steps in the "Out of the Blue" quest is travelling to the Blue Ridge Caravan Company outpost. Bethesda

The Locked Door

Journeying through the tunnel, you will have to contend with a feral ghoul infestation and various secret passageways.

Eventually, your progress will be interrupted by a sealed door that is impossible to open. It turns out that a lockdown procedure has been activated in the compound, due to a false gas leak report, and this means that the door won't budge an inch.

Lifting the lockdown requires you to enter the pump room to verify that there is actually no gas leak. Unfortunately, the pump room itself is blocked off by a wall of strangler vines. There is a herbicide in the nearby lab that can be used to kill these plants, but this is in a password-gated storeroom.

So, to recap, if you want to continue with the "Out of the Blue" quest you will need to get through the sealed door. To get through the sealed door, you will need to deactivate the lockdown procedure. To deactivate the lockdown procedure, you will need to get into the pump room. To get into the pump room, you will need to eradicate the strangler vines with a herbicide. To get the herbicide, you will need to figure out the storeroom code.

As we said, there are a lot of steps here.

Cracking the Lab Code

From the lab entrance, you will see a set of three panels on your left, next to a locked door. These terminals are where you will be inputting the code once you have figured it out.

Scattered around the room are three notes that are integral to solving this puzzle. The first is on a desk to your right (south side using your compass), which bluntly tells you that the code for the door is "Open Sesame Seed." If you are thinking that sounds a little too easy then you are absolutely right, as you will subsequently discover that the terminals only accept numerical characters.

A memo pinned to the office notice board will then clarify that there is a decryption system and that you will need to convert the "Open Sesame Seed" password into numbers. The final note is on a desk in the northeast corner of the room and gives you a head start by telling you to input 8-22-8-26-14-22 into the middle terminal.

To decrypt the rest of the password, you will have to scrutinize a nearby blackboard in the western corner of the lab. This visual aid translates each letter of the alphabet into a number, with a fairly straightforward pattern. Essentially it just counts down from 26. For example, B Is 25, C is 24 and Z is 1.

You can use this decryption system to convert "Open Sesame Seed" into a numerical code.

To save you some time, here is the full passcode:

  • Panel One: 12-11-22-13 (Open)
  • Panel Two: 8-22-8-26-14-22 (Sesame)
  • Panel Three: 8-22-22-23 (Seed)

One you have put the codes into the terminals, you then just need to hit the red button to open the storeroom and finally collect your herbicide.

"Out of the Blue" is one of the new quests added to Fallout 76 as part of the Steel Reign expansion. Newsweek has spoken to Bethesda to find out more about the update and its hopes to encourage more people to give the game a second chance.

In addition, the developers also let slip some new details about the upcoming Pitt expansion, which will be arriving in 2022.

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