Fast Food Worker's Video Reveals Why You Should Never Get Ice in Your Drink

A fast food worker has lifted the lid on one of the lesser spotted tricks of the trade.

TikTok user JasonMora2 sparked a major discussion online after revealing exactly how much ice goes into a large drink from Dunkin Donuts.

Footage purporting to show him behind the counter at a branch of the coffee and pastry chain highlights the startling disparity.

The video begins with a cup, full to the brim with iced coffee, alongside an empty container or the same size.

Using a spoon, the TikToker begins pouring the full drink into the empty cup, using the utensil to stop any ice from moving into the second container.

When the drink has been completely transferred over, he places the two cups alongside each other once again, revealing the noticeable difference.

The cup containing the actual drink is now only half full, while the ice remains stacked to the brim in the otherwise empty original container.

First posted to TikTok on Friday, JasonMora2's video, which he captions "Since people wanna see what you get out of a large@" has now been watched over 13 million times on the platform, prompting much debate in the process.

The video can be viewed here.

Much of the discussion centered around the merits of having ice in your drink.

Futuregamin94 said: "That's why I say no ice because one it takes up space and two it waters the drink down."

Robert Lysiak agreed: "No one uses that much ice."

Theo Salmon theorized that the ice situation may have been purely down to the choice of beverage and the role ice plays in it.

"I don't know about Dunkins but most places iced coffee is brewed as extra strong coffee because it;s meant for the ice to melt and water it down," he said.

Others like neilsukhra, felt the best way to avoid a repeat was simple. "Just order it with no ice," he reasoned.

Some felt the furore was unnecessary and what was being presented to them was little more than a very simple science lesson.

"Y'all learn about volume twice a year," Photosbykoi lamented.

Jimmy Ryan concurred: "How many more times are y'all gonna rediscover volume on this app."

Roy McConnell, meanwhile, had his own unique solution.

"I get it with no ice and add my own after making room," he wrote.

A similar debate over serving sizes emerged on social media a few weeks ago, when a cinema worker claimed the movie theater he worked at sold boxes of small and medium popcorn that were actually the same size.

Newsweek has reached out to Dunkin Donuts and JasonMora2 for comment.

A soda being poured.
Stock footage of a soda being poured - a fast food worker has revealed the truth about large drinks Nutthaseth Vanchaichana/Getty

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