Uvalde School Parent Prays for Missing Son in Heartbreaking Video

A desperate father directly addressed a news camera in Uvalde on Tuesday, begging for information about his missing son after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School.

In the heartbreaking video, Federico Torres said he was praying for his son Rogelio and the authorities in Texas had been unable to tell him whether the 10-year-old was alive or dead.

He told a reporter from local station KHOU that he had been sent back and forth across Uvalde as he tried to find answers. Torres sounded close to tears, but fought to remain composed as he asked for help.

The clip has been watched more than 500,000 times since being shared on social media.

When asked how he'd found out about the shooting on Tuesday morning, he replied: "Through friends. We all know each other here, and we explain what's going on to each other. They told me. I was working and came here flying."

However, he described a devastating lack of communication as he searched for his son. "We found out what happened. [Then] they sent us to the hospital, the civic center, then the hospital again, then here again. They don't tell us anything, just [requested] a photo [of my son] and [told me] to wait. Let's hope everything is fine."

When asked what he was praying for, he replied: "That my son is fine, please."

He added that his son was "Rogelio Torres—if you know anything please tell us. [He is] in Mr. Reyes's class, where everything happened."

Rogelio Torres' fate had not been confirmed early on Wednesday—but a tweet purportedly written by his cousin claimed he had been among the victims, the New York Post reported.

The 18-year-old shooter, Salvador Ramos, killed 19 children and two adults when he opened fire inside the elementary school. A neighbor claimed his bloody rampage began when he shot his grandmother in a fight about his failure to graduate. Ramos' grandmother remains in a critical condition in hospital, the Texas Department of Public Safety told CNN on Tuesday night.

Newsweek has contacted the Texas Department of Public Safety for comment.

Former friends of Ramos have described him as a troubled, bullied boy, who developed a taste for lashing out at strangers as he grew older.

Not long before launching his massacre, Ramos had posted photos of his guns online and appeared to hint at his intention to use them.

The attack was the deadliest school shooting since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which took place in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012. Uvalde was the 27th school shooting of 2022, according to Education Week.

Robb Elementary
Law enforcement agencies are investigating after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24. Getty Images