Father Buried Alive After Digging Sand Tunnel On Florida Beach Vacation

Lee Goggin (second from left) was buried in a sand tunnel in Florida in what his family and friends are calling a 'freak accident' GoFundMe

What started as a fun family holiday in Florida ended in tragedy after a father of three was buried alive while trying to dig a tunnel in the sand.

Lee Goggin, a 35-year-old personal trainer from Dallas, was on a vacation with his family at Crescent Beach in Florida when he decided to dig a tunnel by a set of dunes.

St. Johns County Fire Rescue said Goggin had been "inside" the tunnel when the sand caved in on him, burying him approximately 2 to 3 feet deep.

He was unconscious by the time crews were able to dig him out of the sand and was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

A woman identified as the victim's sister, Rachel Goggin Burt, wrote on Facebook, asking friends and family to pray for her brother's recovery after the "freak accident."

"Friends and family, we need your prayers. As many of you are aware, my older brother, Lee Goggin, was involved in an accident today," Burt wrote.

"We were at the beach and he was digging a tunnel under the sand and it collapsed on him. He is in very critical condition and needs everyone to lift him up in prayer that he will start responding."

On Monday afternoon, Burt wrote an update, indicating her brother was still unresponsive.

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"My sweet brother ... is my best friend and he knows we all need him to wake up. We continue to pray for his strength and that he will come back to us very soon," she wrote.

Burt said her brother had a "heartbeat, but he is not breathing on his own" on a GoFundMe page the family has set up to support Goggin's recovery.

As of Tuesday morning, the crowdfunding page had raised more than $15,000.