'Favorite' Sibling Put on Blast After Urging Sister to Name Child After Her

A "favorite" sibling has been put on blast by the internet as she demanded her sister to name her child after her in a new viral post.

Published to Reddit's"Am I The A**hole" forum where a woman under the username u/Nevertheless999 shared her story for the "AITA" followers to determine if she was in the wrong for saying no to her sister. The post has 4,000 upvotes and 700 comments.

The Redditor began her story by explaining her sister "Jenn" was born with some minor health issues including a cleft lip (which was fixed by surgery) and a lazy eye. Due to these issues, the original poster's (OP) parents would "baby" her as she was "the favorite" child.

"All throughout my life I been forgotten about, my parents forgotten [sic] to come to my school plays or my basketball games, has forgotten to pick me up from them, has not gotten me gifts for my birthday but gotten Jenn stuff," she said.

Sisters arguing about the name of child
The internet has dragged the "favorite" sibling after insisting on having her sister name her first child after her. The Redditor explained that even her parents said she was being selfish. Prostock-Studio/iStock / Getty Images Plus

Favoritism is the term that can be described as favoring over one thing over another. When a child experiences favoritism in a family setting, it can cause problems including anger issues, depression, low confidence and difficulty interacting with others, per BetterHelp.

She wrote she didn't blame her sister for her parent's "wrongdoings," she does, however, blame her sister for using the favoritism against her. She described an example where Jenn cut out a part of the OP's hair due to Jenn's crush asking the OP out instead of her. She used favoritism to get out of trouble.

Another example happened when she begged her parents to let her get a dog, and when she got one—that she paid for herself—so she convinced her parents to give the dog to her instead.

"Now I became pregnant and am expected to have a baby girl, my sister [has] become obsessed with the idea of becoming an aunt and started to buy things for my daughter, texting me with instructions on how I should decorate her nursery, made a name list for her which her top name ended being her very own, she even brought a little onsie [sic] that says mini Jenn and told me that's what I'm gonna be naming my daughter," she said.

The sister refused and told her that if they weren't related, she wouldn't be speaking to her. Her sister told her it would be fair that she gets to name her child since Jenn had a crush on the OP's fiancé and "allowed" her to date him, even though Jenn didn't find her fiancé attractive when they first started dating.

"I ended getting a call from my parent with them commenting on how selfish I am and that I know that my sister will most likely never be able to have children of her own and that I should just give her this one and that I hurted [sic] her feelings," she concluded.

The "AITA" community was quick to comment in defense of the OP.

"NTA and I'd seriously suggest going no contact with your sister and at the very least low contact with your parents," said u/ElNachoDelFuego, who received the top comment with over 10,000 upvotes.

"NTA I wouldn't even let her see the baby she's too obsessed and will only cause you major headaches," u/ArtHobbies4440 exclaimed.

Redditor u/drakkya said, "NTA—I think a time-out is in order for your family. Put all communication to them on mute, do not contact them on your own and put them on an absolute Info diet. Your parents are abusive AF and you have to nip this in the butt NOW. Next your sister decides you should give her your baby—because you can have another one—and they will stand behind her!"

"Ok, hard no. How do your parents think this is remotely acceptable? This isn't your hamster's name, it's your KID's NAME. The name that will go with them their entire life. Even if Jenn s**t rainbows and butterflies her entire life, you still wouldn't be obligated to name your kid after her. NTA," u/SoapySoap147 exclaimed.

Newsweek reached out to u/Nevertheless999 for comment.