'FBI' Season 3: Has Ebonée Noel Left the CBS Show?

FBI Season 3 is now airing on CBS, and the premiere welcomed a new cast member in Special Agent Tiffany Wallace (played by Katherine Renee Turner). She was introduced in Season 3, Episode 1 as the new partner for Stuart Scola (John Boyd). This, however, left fans wondering exactly what had happened to his previous partner, Kristen Chazal, and whether the actor who plays her Ebonée Noel has left the series.

Though there has been no official announcement, there are some signs that Noel may have left the series. In September, for example, the actor had a bio on the cast section of CBS' FBI page. At the time of writing, however, that bio has gone.

On Noel's own Twitter, she has not tweeted anything about the show since the early months of 2020, and has not released anything about it on Instagram since last year, when she regularly used to post images from the set.

This absence has been noted by viewers of FBI. One fan, for example, tweeted: "Wait, so Kristen is just gone? What happened to Ebonee Neal? Why did she leave? Why did they bring a new black chick to take her place a minute in? Which is ... I'm not even going to touch that. And I get making her opposite of Kristen but must she be so unlikable?"

Another was a bigger fan of new agent Tiffany, tweeting: "I'm a little disappointed that Kristen left FBI but I'm loving the new person."

fbi season 3 ebonee noel leaving
Ebonée Noel was missing from the first episode of 'FBI' Season 3. CBS

Previously, many thought that Noel was leaving after the winter finale, when her character was the victim of a brutal stabbing. However, she was revealed to have survived when the show returned in January 2020.

This was referenced by one FBI viewer on Twitter, who wrote: "why keep Kristen alive at Christmas just to quietly write her out at the start of the next season?"

Though this has not been confirmed, Noel has been a staunch supporter of Black Lives Matter on her Twitter, which may have led her to her feeling uncomfortable about appearing on a show that glamorizes police, especially as some activists rallied against what they called "copaganda" shows.

Speaking to Forbes in reactions to BLM criticisms about his show, FBI creator Dick Wolf said: "We have always adapted to current events in a nonpolitical way and our viewers can expect us to keep doing so...We are listening to everything going on right now."

Newsweek has reached out to a representative for Ebonée Noel.

FBI Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT on CBS.