Feline Friends Living Best Life in Hideaway With iPad and Snacks: 'Catflix and Chill'

A viral video of two cats being snug together in a cozy bed as they watch a show on an iPad has melted the collective heart of the internet.

In the clip, shared on TikTok by user dontstopmeowing, two adorable cats can be seen holding one another while sitting on a bed in a scene that had clearly been set up.

As the video starts to play, a woman holding a camera enters her bedroom to put on some clothes—only to find a cardboard box with the sign "Do not disturb" written in a child-like multicolor font sitting in her wardrobe.

Keen to uncover what's inside, the woman pulls open the box that reveals two cats holding one another as they watch a show on an iPad with a bowl of popcorn and a couple of glasses alongside them.

A text overlay reads: "Are you kidding me."

The woman then gets up close to the cats, shocking both, before asking: "What's going on in here."

She then told the pair of felines to get out of her closet, but the content couple made it clear they were not moving.

Conceding to the furry friends, the woman said: "Fine. Guess I'll figure it out."

Since being uploaded on January 11, the video, which can be seen here, has been viewed some 38.5 million times and has gone on to be liked on more than 5.7 million occasions.

TikTok users immediately flooded the comment section and mentioned the content look of the cute cats.

One commenter said: "Omg [oh my God] the way their arms were around each other and acted like they got caught doing something bad."

Another TikTok user added: "The way they were cuddling and just jumped away from each other when you surprised them. They were on a date and you ruined it."

A third simply commented: "Catflix and chill."

But one TikTok user was stunned by how well the two felines were behaving throughout the whole video.

She posted: "Can you explain how you got your cats to do what you want? They stay in what appears to be orchestrated positions for so long."

Cat videos on TikTok have regularly gone viral on the social media platform with people swayed to click on the videos for a dose of serotonin.

Adorable footage of a kitten snuggling up to her owner's 3-month-old calf was widely shared on TikTok recently, with fans calling it the "cutest" thing they had ever seen.

Stock image of cats snuggling up together
Stock image of cats snuggling up together. A video of two cats snug together in a bed as they watch a show on an iPad has been viewed more than 38.5 million times online. Getty