FF7 Remake Intergrade PS5 Release Date and Cost

Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting a new upgrade for the PlayStation 5, along with downloadable content (DLC) featuring new characters, on June 10th.

The PS5 version will be called Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, and the DLC is currently available for pre-order starting at $69.99.

A deluxe edition, which costs $89.99, is also available for pre-order which will include a digital artbook and "mini soundtrack." Both were announced at Sony's State of Play event Thursday.

The updated PS5 release will reportedly be free for people who had owned Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PS4, but they will have to pay a separate cost to access the new DLC it includes.

Intergrade will feature faster loading times on the PlayStation 5, as well as support for 4K and a 60 fps "Performance Mode."

It will also have a photo mode, which pauses the game so players can take screenshots, and a new difficulty setting that includes the classic turn-based combat controls.

Meanwhile, the DLC features a new part of the story following Yuffie. Fans of the original Final Fantasy VII will recognize her as the optional playable ninja character who could be encountered.

The new story chapter sees her in Midgar as she seeks to infiltrate Shinra alongside other companions from the Avalanche group.

The game's director Tetsuya Nomura told Japan's Famitsu magazine Yuffie will be a playable character who can be used in battle sequences. Her companion, Sonon, will not be playable.

"Unlike the main battle system, you can't operate Sonon," he said, translated from Japanese. "You will operate Yuffie to battle. However, Sonon's command selection in tactical mode is possible. As a new element, Yuffie can fight in collaboration with Sonon. I think you can enjoy the feel that is a bit different from the main story."

Final Fantasy VII Remake was released for the PlayStation 4 in April 2020 using Unreal Engine 4 to drive its core gameplay.

It played off of fans' nostalgia for the original Final Fantasy VII that was released in 1997 for the first PlayStation console.

Remake expanded on the story of the original while offering the graphical enhancements that would be expected from a release that came 23 years, or four generations of console, later.

Final Fantasy VII was critically acclaimed when it was released for the first PlayStation in 1997 and is still widely loved by fans.

The Final Fantasy series remains the best-selling franchise that developer Square Enix owns, with more than 151 million units sold at the time Remake was released.

PlayStation 5 logo
Sony's PlayStation 5 logo is seen at an electronics store in Tokyo on November 10, 2020. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is being released for the console in June. Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty