Fierce Winds Toss Dozens of Tents Into the Sky in Scenes Compared to a Quidditch Match

Fierce winds blew dozens of tents into the sky and tossed them around like kites, with the spectacle compared to everything from graduation caps to a Quidditch game.

Camper Genshiro shared a clip of the mind-blowing footage to his TikTok account, @yaseigenshiro, along with other blustery scenes.

It's believed Genshiro was camping at the Wugong mountains, in China, known for its extreme wind speeds.

The adventurer uploaded the clip on Sunday, captioned: "Dear the f****** wind. Off there goes my tent."

It shows more than 30 tents swirling in the air, after being thrust into the sky by the elements. The portable houses ethereally circle above campers, who scatter the hillside looking up in disbelief.

The video has amassed nearly 850,000 views since being shared, and can be seen here, as people claimed the sight reminded them of movies, while making jokes about nature.

Kled82 admitted: "I thought, wow, what a weird spot for a graduation."

Baristacat quipped: "Just another day at the quidditch world cup."

Agreeing, Curlsoncurlsoncurls wrote: "Harry Potter quidditch cup vibes."

While Succulentdandelion stated: "And this is why muggles aren't supposed to mess with magic."

The trio are referencing the Harry Potter movies, which sees the characters play a popular sport, Quidditch, on broomsticks, riding around a virtual arena.

While Chickenwithattitude wrote: "First 2 seconds I was like wow, those kites are going to get tangled."

Although Lambdasaurus joked: "You should seek shelter as fast as possible, tents only circle like that that when they've spotted prey."

While Solairesunknight declared: "Behold the majestic wild tent in its natural environment, it glides between thermal vents to conserve energy as it surveys the land below."

Although some left more serious comments, as Rainishamy asked: "Did they have air mattresses in there? Suitcases? Sleeping bags? Pillows? Who just leaves their tent empty?"

Wifemademegetthis advised: "In strong wind areas, tent stakes will not keep the tent on the ground (too weak). That's why I place large rocks in the corners."

Before the viral clip, Genshiro shared other videos of their tents being battered by the elements.

"What's your most memorable camping experience?" they asked, alongside a video of a handful of orange tents nearly being crushed by the wind.

One camper visibly struggles with what looks like a ground layer, with the weather looking wet and grey, with the breeze so ferocious it can be heard on the microphone.

A video shared soon after showed a campsite being battered by the wind, with a sea of tents disfigured and bent out of shape after being crushed by the weather.

"Just love camping out in this sort of weather," Genshiro joked.

Another video showed a person battling the elements solo, as they attempt to walk down scenes in front of a breath-taking view.

But the wind is nearly knocking them over, as their clothing is almost inflated due to the high winds. Genshiro captioned it: "Nearly ripped off the clothing. Would you like to explore?"

The buffeting winds on the mountaintop are well-documented, with a Reddit thread shared earlier this year to thread Nextf******level sharing similar clips.

Mr Boneless Pizza shared a video, captioned: "The insane wind speeds on the Wugong mountains in China."

The video, upvoted more than 13,000 times, shows people sheltering against the gales, hunkering down to the floor.

Newsweek reached out to Genshiro for comment.

File photo of a broken tent.
File photo of a broken tent. A camper shared a clip of dozens of tents swirling in the air due to fierce winds. panaramka/Getty Images