New Jersey Man Captured Hurricane Ida's Destructive Power in Just Three Minutes

A man captured exactly how quickly Hurricane Ida caused damage, after a New Jersey resident filmed the storm destroying his neighborhood in a mere three minutes.

Despite the category 4 hurricane being downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it hit the eastern seaboard, it caused severe flash flooding, left homes without power and leveled buildings.

At least 27 people have died in the Garden State alone after Ida's path of destruction last week, which is believed to be the fifth-strongest hurricane to ever make landfall in continental U.S., according to NASA.

Its devastating effects have been laid bare in a video shot by a New Jersey resident, who filmed the storm destroying his and neighboring houses in just a few minutes.

Mark Kobylinski, from Mullica Hill, one of the worst-hit areas in the state, shared a clip to his Facebook page on September 2, which has since been watched more than 27,000 times. It can be seen here.

It starts with Kobylinski, who appears to be home alone with his dog, filming from his outdoor deck, as high speed winds can be heard.

"Sounds like a freight train," he says, as he retreats inside as the wind begins to pick up. As he realizes the storm is coming closer, he grabs his dog and quickly seeks shelter in the basement.

He opens the door a crack as the wind builds, before firmly shutting it as he repeats "holy s***" and "holy f***," as you can hear the sound of his home being torn apart above him.

The lights go out and an alarm sounds, as Kobylinski continues to swear in shock. As quickly as the storm began it passes, as he ventures out of the basement to survey the damage.

His home—now without power—is covered in debris and broken glass, as some of his windows have been blown out. But he's not prepared for what he sees when he looks out at his neighborhood, with a house opposite him missing most of its roof and the upper floor.

The street and front lawns are covered in building materials and branches, and as he looks around he sees that he too is missing some of his roof panels, while it appears one of his walls has also been torn off.

Thankfully Kobylinski confirmed all his neighbors were safe, as he captioned the footage: "Long video but shows the Mullica Hill tornado direct hit on our home. Incredible damage. Our neighborhood has been devastated but everyone is safe!"

At the end of the three-minute-46-second-long clip, he captures the swirling vortex in the distance, as it continues to wreak havoc.

It's thought Kobylinski filmed the EF-3 tornado that ripped through Mullica Hill, one of three that devastated the state.

The Twitter account for the National Weather Service (NWS) Eastern Region Headquarters confirmed the tornado, which struck Gloucester, was tracked one mile southeast of Harrisonville to Mullica Hill, to one mile southeast of Deptford.

Its path was 12.6 miles long, and it was the strongest of the three to hit New Jersey, with the EF-3 category meaning three-second gusts of between 136-165 miles per hour are recorded, according to the NWS.

The other two tornadoes were an EF-1 which struck Burlington, New Jersey, and traveled to Bristol, Pennsylvania, and the EF-0 which hit Mercer County.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy delivered an address from Mullica Hill last week, while President Joe Biden also visited the state, one of the worst-hit areas on the East Coast.

Newsweek reached out to Kobylinski for comment.

Home destroyed by Ida in New Jersey.
A home destroyed by Hurricane Ida in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, taken on September 2, 2021. A man showed how much damaged was caused in his neighborhood in just three minutes. BRANDEN EASTWOOD/Getty Images