'FIFA 23' Release Date, Crossplay and Women's World Cup Mode Rumors, Plus Expected Price

Rumors are already circulating about FIFA 23, despite the fact that the latest installment in the franchise, FIFA 22, is only a few months old.

Alongside death and taxes, one thing that we can dependably count on is that another FIFA title will launch each Fall. The annual soccer sim always targets this specific release window, so that it can capitalize on Christmas sales.

For this reason, gamers are already looking forward to the next entry in the series, even though FIFA 22 hasn't been out for very long at all. Of course, it is easy to understand the enthusiasm, as they are eager to learn how it will improve upon the technical aspects and what new ideas it will bring to the table.

Although publisher EA has not confirmed the game's existence yet, it is practically a forgone conclusion that FIFA 23 will be out later in 2022. After all, it would be an unprecedented move if the company were to skip a year.

What's more, industry leaker Tom Henderson has indicated that the game is in active development and has even reported on some of its key features. These details are spread over two separate articles that he has written, one for the publication Video Game Chronicle and the other for Xfire.com.

Henderson is a reputable source who has connections with key personnel at EA. Last year, he repeatedly leaked details about Battlefield 2042 (including the use of extreme weather and its sandbox "Portal" mode) long before they were officially announced. He even managed to do an accurate shot-by-shot breakdown of the shooter's reveal trailer weeks prior to that clip debuting.

As such, there is good reason to trust that Henderson's reporting is more than just hearsay and conjecture, even if you should still take everything with a pinch of salt.

'FIFA 23' Expected Release Date and Price

As aforementioned, the existence of FIFA 23 has not even been confirmed yet, so it obviously cannot have an official release date.

If we look at previous years though, we can say with relative certainty that the game will come out sometime between late September and mid-October. That's the established pattern after all.

As for its cost, that will likely vary depending on your chosen platform. The stripped-down Nintendo Switch port of FIFA 22 went for $39.99, while the next-gen version on PS5 and Xbox Series X had a recommended manufacturer's price of $69.99. It's reasonable to assume that there will be a similar arrangement in place for FIFA 23.

'FIFA 23' Rumored Features

As per Henderson's reporting, here are all of the leaks and rumors pertaining to FIFA 23.

PlayStation, Xbox and PC Crossplay

One of the most interesting tidbits from Henderson is that FIFA 23 could feature crossplay functionality. This would be a series-first, enabling PlayStation, Xbox and PC gamers to join online matches together from their separate systems.

Henderson also points out that his inside sources have indicated that the game will not be free to play, contrary to some rumors that are circulating online.

Women's World Cup Mode

Henderson also claims that FIFA 23 will put a greater emphasis than ever before on female soccer, with a dedicated World Cup mode and a wider selection of domestic leagues. If this turns out to be accurate, it will be one of the more substantial updates to the FIFA formula in years and one that is arguably long overdue.

Hypermotion Technology Improvements

Finally, Henderson mentions that FIFA 23 will see major enhancements to the patented Hypermotion technology (which debuted in FIFA 22).

If you're not familiar with this, it was basically used to animate more lifelike and detailed avatars. It eliminated the need for traditional motion capture studios, as the developers were instead able to track the movements of players organically running around a pitch environment, using Xsens suits.

With FIFA 23, the team will allegedly be taking this a step further, by capturing visual information directly from real-world soccer matches using stadium cameras. In turn, this will lead to significantly more data being recorded and better animations in the game.

In related news, EA recently announced that it is removing Russian national teams from FIFA 22in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

FIFA 22 Screenshot
Image shows gameplay from "FIFA 22." Although a sequel has not officially been confirmed yet, rumors are circulating about what "FIFA 23" could bring to the table. EA Games

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