Simple Hack Reveals How To Find the Dirt Hidden in Your Car: 'Mini Tornado'

A viral cleaning hack is amazing the internet after a car owner showed the intense amount of dirt found in her car using a surprising gadget.

TikTok appears to introduce an endless amount of cleaning tips and tricks with the rise in "CleanTok" as people take to the app to share their "hacks." This time, a viral hack has shown how much extra dirt could be lying in the carpet of your car, and how you can get it out using a massage gun.

One TikTok user, named Lanie Green, gained over 13 million views in just four days after sharing her trick to cleaning out the dirt in her farm car.

"Thought this was cool," she captioned the post. In the clip, which can be seen here, Green uses a massage gun with a fork tool added to the end and lets it move against the carpet.

As the massage gun moves, small pieces of trapped dirt collectively move out of the carpet and into the air, forming a whirl-like movement. With the dirt moving in response to the gun, it's easy to then suck it up straight from the air using the vacuum.

According to a comment left by the TikTok user, the trick was performed after she had vacuumed first, showing the extra bits the massage gun was able to get out.

"That's so smart," wrote one TikTok viewer.

One user described the hack as a "mini tornado" in a comment left on the clip.

"Buy a $20 massage gun on Amazon so you don't have to dirty your expensive ones," recommended another.

Newsweek has contacted Lanie Green for comment.

TikTok is a hub for handy cleaning hacks, including others for car-owners who are looking to get their vehicle to a high standard, without paying professional prices.

In 2021, one TikTok user, @athomewithshannon, went viral with her trick to prevent the car from getting so dirty in the first place when it comes to beach days. The "genius beach mom hack" involves using a laundry basket to place any sand-ridden towels and clothing into, before shaking it while still at the beach.

The basket allows all the sand to come off the clothes and straight back onto the beach, rather than the bottom of a bag.

For those concerned about the exterior of their car, TikTok also has a hack for that. TikTok user Stacey Raunch went viral in 2021 with her trick on how to get the headlights of a car shiny and clean again with a few simple ingredients.

Raunch simply dipped half a lemon into a tray of baking soda and rubbed it straight onto the headlights, providing an instant transformation.

Dirty car
Stock image of a dirty car with "wash me" written on. Getty Images