How to Choose Your House in 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses:'

One huge story element in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is which house your character will select to teach. Your selection will alter the path of the story so it is an important choice - not to mention a great reason to replay the game.

When a house is selected, the player will have access to a number of students to go into battle with. While players can still interact with the other leaders and the members of the other houses, your group is who you will be interacting with the most.

Each student has their own unique personalities, abilities and weapon affinities. So selecting the correct house for you and your playstyle can be crucial. While there is the ability to Recruit students from the other two Houses, you won't be able to do so in the beginning of the game.

There are three Houses in the new Fire Emblem game; the Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Golden Deer. While information on all the students is available in-game, we've compiled each character's quirks, weapons and abilities in one place.

fire emblem three houses house differences black eagles golden deer blue lions
The three houses of the new 'Fire Emblem' game. Nintendo/YouTube



  • Imperial Lineage - Multiplies experience earned by 1.2
  • She seems distant and strict, but you can tell she values her classmates and students.
  • Weapon Strengths: Sword, Axe, Authority, Heavy Armor


  • Officer Duty - Grants +5 with gambits
  • Cold-blooded. Astute and reasonable who has served Edelgard's family for years
  • Weapon Strengths: Bows, Reason (Dark Magic), Authority


  • Grants Hit/Avo +15 when unit is at full HP
  • Rival of Edelgard. Too pleased with own status
  • Weapon Strengths: Sword, Lance, Axe, Cavalry


  • Catnap - If unit takes no action except Wait, recovers up to 10 percent of max HP
  • Lazy and sleepy, but extremely smart
  • Weapon Strengths: Reason (Dark Magic), Faith (Light Magic)


  • Born Fighter - Adjacent foes suffer avo -10 during combat
  • Headstrong and wants to prove to himself that he can be a knight
  • Weapon Strengths: Axe, Brawler


  • Persecution Complex - Grants Atk +5 when unit is not at full HP
  • She's a recluse and is afraid to make people angry.
  • Weapon Strengths: Bow, Lance


  • Songstress - adjacent allies recover up to 10 percent of max HP at the start of each turn
  • She's the only commoner in the Black Eagles. She's also looking for a male partner
  • Weapon Strengths: Sword, Reason (Dark Magic)


  • Hunter's Boon - Grants Crit +20 when foe's HP is < or equal to 50 percent
  • Smart and studious. Comes from another country and doesn't speak the language well.
  • Weapon Strengths: Sword, Axe, Bow, Flying



  • Leicester Lineage - Multiplies earned by 1.2
  • Laid back but brilliant
  • Weapon Strengths: Bow, Sword, Authority, Flying


  • Distinguished House - Unit deals 2 extra damage while in formation with a battalion
  • Arrogant and thinks he's a ladies man. He's devoted to his duty deep down
  • Weapon Strengths: Lance, Reason (Dark Magic), Flying


  • Goody Basket - Chance to recover up to 10 percent of max HP at the start of each turn. Trigger percentage = Luck stat
  • Parents died. Cheerful guy. Training and eating are his hobbies
  • Weapon Strengths: Axe, Brawling, Armor


  • Watchful Eye - Grants Hit +20
  • Doesn't want to be a knight. Please parents
  • Weapon Strengths: Sword, Bow, Authority


  • Mastermind - Doubles skill experience earned in battle
  • Angry if you treat her like a child. Youngest student
  • Weapon Strengths: Reason (Dark Magic), Faith (Light Magic), Authority


  • Animal Friend - Unit recovers up to 20 percent of max HP at the state of each turn when adjacent to a cavalry or flying ally
  • Margrave's daughter. Doesn't interact with students
  • Weapon Strengths: Sword, Faith (Light Magic), Cavalry, Flying


  • Advocate - Adjacent male allies deal 3 extra damage during combat
  • Only daughter and is coddled. Lazy
  • Weapon Strengths: Lance, Axe


  • Rivalry - If a male ally is adjacent, unit deals 2 extra damage and takes 2 less damage during combat
  • Wants to be a mercenary. Blunt and stingy.
  • Weapon Strengths: Lance, Bow, Cavalry



  • Royal Lineage - multiplies experience earned by 1.2
  • Unsure of himself, but can be a masterful general on the battlefield
  • Weapon Strengths: Sword, Lance, Authority


  • Staunch Shield - If unite takes no action except wait, grants Def +4 for one turn
  • He's taciturn but once you get to know him, he's good-natured
  • Weapon Strengths: Lance, Axe, Brawler, Armor


  • Lone Wolf - Unite deals five extra damage when no battalion is assigned or when battalion endurance is zero
  • Sharp-tongue. Very competitive
  • Weapon Strengths: Sword, Bow, Brawler


  • Lockpick - Allows unit to open doors and chests without keys
  • Born a commoner, Earnest personality
  • Weapon Strengths: Axe, Bow


  • Philanderer - If a female ally is adjacent ,unit deals two extra damage and takes two less damage during combat
  • Capable but a skirt chaser
  • Weapon Strengths: Lance, Axe, Cavalry


  • Live to Serve - When healing anally with white magic, unit recovers the same amount of HP
  • Carefree on the surface but is a kind soul
  • Weapon Strengths: Reason (Dark Magic), Faith (Light Magic)


  • Perseverance - User Rally to grant Str+4 to an ally
  • Talented, cheerful, hardworking but oblivious at times
  • Weapon Strengths: Axe, Reason (Dark Magic), Authority


  • Lady Knight - Grants Mt +3 and hit +5 with gambits
  • Childhood friend of the three house leaders. She's more knightly than most
  • Weapon Strengths: Sword, Lance, Cavalry, Flying

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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