Firefighters Free Woman Using the Jaws of Life After Fetish Stunt Backfires

A woman had to be freed by firefighters using the jaws of life after she got stuck in a chair, when a fetish stunt backfired.

Sydney Jo shared a clip to her TikTok, showing herself wedged in the middle of a metal seat.

Jo, from Denver, is standing in her living room when the door opens when firefighters enter, with one remarking: "Oh you did get stuck in there didn't you?"

The emergency service workers initially attempt to use specialist cutters to try and free the 27-year-old, with no luck.

They're forced to bring out the heavy duty equipment, with the hydraulic tool they use often referred to as the jaws of life.

The men cut through the bars pinning Jo, and she's finally freed from the folding chair.



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Jo's video, which she shared on Wednesday, has already amassed more than 5 million views, and she captioned it: "Everyone said to unscrew it but this was a jaws of life situation."

Jo also shared videos before and after the rescue, explaining exactly how—and why—she came to be trapped in the chair.

Jo revealed she was attempting a fetish stunt when it backfired. She reckoned it's probably her "best video" yet.

Preceding the rescue, she shared a clip immediately after getting stuck, saying: "Hello everyone, you might be wondering what I'm doing. For the last 30 minutes I have been trying to get unstuck out of this metal chair. I'm literally stuck in it and I can't get out. And I'm panicking because I don't know what to do. I'm literally walking around like this.

"And you're probably just like 'suck in as hard as you can'—I literally can't, it's on my tailbone and my pelvic bone. I don't know how I got in, I'm filming this for a video, obviously. I'm literally stuck in this chair and the lawnmower people just came by. I can't get out of it, I literally can't. I've literally tried absolutely f****** everything. And I can't."

After her video blew up, Jo shared a few explainers, and responded to questions.

"I'm going to address this super-fast, because I get a lot of these," referring to comments asking why she didn't simply get out the way she got in.

"Yes I tried getting out the same way I got in. No, I have no idea why I couldn't get out the same way I got in. It just didn't happen and I don't have a better answer than that."

After people demanded more answers, Jo finally revealed she was filming a video catering for a very specific stuck fetish, which artist website Deviant Art explained refers to "people trapped and helpless in different situations."


Idk why TF I dabbed in the end 😩

♬ original sound - sydney jo

Jo explained, saying: "My whole TikTok is basically sex work and giving sex work advice, specifically online sex work, and stuck is a fetish category that I am pretty popular in. I've done it for about nine years now, and yeah I was just working, that's my job.

"So, probably not the answer you were expecting, but I literally wish I was working, but I'm glad it made so many of you happy and gave you guys a laugh, it was embarrassing. But hey, probably the best stuck video I've ever made."

After her video soared in popularity, Jo joked she didn't share the reason with the firefighters, and instead told them it was "for a school project."

Gogeta commented: "Not the answer I expected however thanks for being so honest."

EmberFire13 joked: "Hope you made extra since you were stuck stuck."

Carbon Wellness admitted: "I legit thought you were trying a fancy chair dance move."

Newsweek reached out to Jo for a comment.

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Stock image of a woman wearing stocking and heels. A woman needed to be rescued by firefighters using the jaws of life after a fetish stunt backfired. Oleg Elkov/Getty Images