'Firefly Lane' Explained: Whose Funeral is it at the End?

Firefly Lane on Netflix loves to jump from era to era—and to use jumps in time to trick the audience with a series of surprises and fake outs.

Spoilers ahead...

This is particularly the case with a funeral scene in Episode 2, which seems to hint that Tully (played by Katherine Heigl) has died, and that Kate (Sarah Chalke) and Marah (Yael Yurman) are mourning their loss.

It is not until Firefly Lane Episode 10, however, that viewers learn exactly whose funeral it is. That episode, titled "Auld Lang Syne," however, cannot resist another last-minute fake-out, with the show first making us believe that it is Johnny (Ben Lawson) who is being mourned after his convoy in Iraq hit a landmine.

However, it is eventually revealed that neither Tully nor Johnny has not died, but that it is Kate's father Bud (Paul McGillion) who has passed.

Many viewers watching the finale of the Netflix show may be surprised that it is a man whose funeral it is, as in the second episode of Firefly Lane, we see Marah and Kate at the funeral agree that they "miss her."

However, after we learn that this is Bud's funeral, we also learn that they were not talking about the deceased but about their estrangement with Tully, who has fallen out with Kate over some unseen slight.

firefly lane funeral
'Firefly Lane' hints that Tully has died - but it is not her funeral in the finale. Netflix

As for how Bud died, that is not confirmed, but as "Auld Lang Syne" features a scene from the 1980s where Kate's father had a heart attack, it seems to hint that it is another cardiac arrest that has sent Bud to his grave.

In the episode, we see Kate say: "Today's about Dad. I can't believe Dad's gone. It doesn't seem real."

Bud's funeral may have come as a surprise to fans of the book Firefly Lane is based on, as it is an event that only exists in the Netflix series.

The Kristin Hannah book also ends at a funeral, but it is that of Kate rather than Bud. Like in the show, Kate and Tully fall out towards the end, but in the novel, they reconcile after Kate gets a terminal cancer diagnosis.

In the book, Tully walks out on the funeral, with Hannah writing: "She didn't want to listen to pathetic music that was designed to make you cry, or listen to the priest tell stories about the woman he'd known, who was only a shadow of the woman Tully knew. Most of all, she didn't want to see the montage of pictures of Kate's life splashed on a giant screen above her coffin." However, without giving away the ending, Kate leaves something very special for Tully to remember her by.

Bud's promotion to a key character in the Firefly Lane finale may also surprise fans of the book. In the novel, he is only mentioned by name six times. However, he does survive his daughter in the book, and is in the room with his daughter in the moments before Tully and Kate reconcile.

Firefly Lane is streaming now on Netflix.