'The Flash' Season 7: Is Tom Cavanagh Leaving?

The Flash Season 7 may now be airing on The CW, but the show still has its Season 6 plot to clear up, as Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) tries to stop Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor). In Season 7, Episode 1, titled "All's Wells That Ends Wells," this meant Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) not only having to sacrifice himself, but also the many multiverse versions of the character.

With all of the Wells being wiped out of existence in order to restore Barry's speed force, Tom Cavanagh's time on the show would seem to be over.

However, there is no sign that Tom Cavanagh is leaving The Flash. The CW has confirmed that the Canadian actor will be back, though they have not revealed exactly who he will be playing in the future.

tom cavanagh leaving the flash
Nash Wells may be dead on 'The Flash,' but Tom Cavanagh is not going anywhere. The CW

Of course, anything can happen in the Arrowverse, so we could easily see a new Wells emerge from somewhere. He also plays the villain Eobard Thawne, so this character could make a return to the world of the superhero show.

In "All's Wells That Ends Wells," Barry spends most of his time in a cryogenic chamber to preserve his speed force, before Team Flash works out that they can use the multiverse energy that Nash Wells absorbed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover to power the artificial speed force.

Unfortunately, that also means that the multi-Wells have to sacrifice themselves to save Barry.

Cavanagh said goodbye to his multiple roles on his Instagram, where a captioned a black and white picture of his character, "Well, Well, Wells."

Showrunner Eric Wallace has teased what the future looks like for the actor on the show. He told Entertainment Weekly: "Tom Cavanagh is still part of the show. I would just say that we've already seen there's an infinite numbers of Wellses. Just because they're all dead doesn't mean that should change. And Tom Cavanagh has more to do in Season 7—much more to do."

Wallace added to TVLine, "This is not the end of the Wellses, not by a long shot."

Per IMDB, however, the actor will not appear in the next episode, which is one of the Season 7 episodes that was supposed to be part of Season 6, which was cut short due to the coronavirus. This could mean, per Wallace's hints, that Cavanagh will be back once the Season 6 plot is tied up and a new Season 7 storyline starts to emerge.

In his EW interview, Wallace also hints at the impact Wells' multi-death will have on the rest of the cast of The Flash. He said: "It's about showing Allegra [Kayla Compton] that he can change and be a better person. That was really important because his death has an effect on Allegra moving forward, and it's a positive one, not a negative one."

As for why the character had to die, Wallace said that it was the character paying for starting the Crisis on Infinite Earth which, after all, caused the destruction of much of the multiverse.

The showrunner explained: "But he does make amends for the biggest mistake one can possibly make, which is causing all of the worlds to die, essentially...What he's doing here is he's taking... the greatest superhero in the Arrowverse, The Flash, and enabling him once again to do his job. There could be no greater way to honor and make amends than doing that."

The Flash Season 7 continues Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT on The CW.