Florida Man Told to Abandon His Shoes After Dozens of Bugs Move In

A man was met with an unexpected sight after leaving his shoes outside in Florida—finding dozens of bugs had moved in.

The Everglades resident made the big mistake of leaving his sneakers outside his house, soon after it rained.

When he went to retrieve them, he found scores of millipedes—tightly wound and resembling circles—had invaded his sneakers.

Corran shared a clip to his TikTok page on June 3, captioned: "Keep your shoes inside."

The aspiring nature TV host walks up his to pair of Nikes, and says: "This is why you don't leave your shoes outside I guess in Florida, because these little bugs. Holy cow, look at that, look how many of these things I got."

He films the inside, with the sole not visible due to the numerous millipedes inside, as he added a vomit emoji on top of the footage.

"These little millipedes will come into your shoes, especially right after it rains, and it just rained tonight," Corran explained.

He grabbed a tub and poured the bugs out, with the arthropods making a hard sound as they hit the plastic.

"Look how many of these things are in there. Holy cow look at this. Let's get them all out. Oh my god. Yeah let's get the rest out. Look at all these little things. Isn't that crazy, they were all just in my shoes, after one night in Florida," he said.

The noise surprised numerous people online, who thought they'd be soft, comparing the sound to hard candy.

Explaining why the "harmless" creatures make a loud noise, Corran wrote: "Exoskeletons!"

The squeamish video has been watched more than three million times, as bug enthusiasts identified the creatures as scarlet and bumblebee millipedes.

After numerous people suggested he should just surrender his sneakers to the bugs, Corran replied: "They are nice shoes though."

And he revealed the footwear made it through the ordeal, as he added: "I am wearing them now."

Commenting online, Aysha thought: "You're so brave to even touch your shoes."

Re commented: "At this point just leave them. Let them have your shoes."

Kayla thought: "They look like hard candy."

Agreeing, Kate Sui said: "I was thinking you put candy in your shoes."

Collin advised: "Just throw your shoes away, there's no saving them."

Annabelle reckoned: "Nope those shoes belong to mother nature now."

Shia Storey replied: "A new fear unlocked."

"Imagine not realizing they're in there and putting your foot in," Arson pointed out.

Idiot Rats admitted: "I would never wear those shoes again even if they were cleaned."

Mika simply said: "Tbh I would just burn the shoes."

Also suggesting fire, Lawrenlovely chipped in: "I would throw a match and simply go back inside."

Newsweek reached out to Corran for a comment.

Stock image of millipedes
Stock image of millipedes curled up. A Florida man found scores of the bugs had invaded his shoes. nattanitphoto/Getty Images