Woman Eats Insects for Breakfast in Horrifying Cooking Videos

A woman has sparked horror and revulsion after revealing she regularly eats bugs, claiming they're "tasty."

Entomologist Vonn Roach, who calls herself Vonn online, has shared multiple clips to her TikTok account, elaborating on her unusual menu.

Vonn, thought to be from Iowa, revealed she "discovered edible insects in 2012" and hasn't looked back since.

She regularly cooks up ants, silkworms, wax worms and crickets, while she also uses the insects as a "garnish."

Vonn shares cooking videos online, filming herself whipping up "wild mushroom risotto with wax worms" and "bugs benedict," while she also blends insects to add to sauces and smoothies.

Explaining how she got into the practice, Vonn said: "I'm an entomologist, first and foremost, insects are my whole entire life, and I delved into edible insects because they are healthy, sustainable and tasty. There are over 2,000 edible insects on this planet and America is one of the few places that doesn't consume insects."

One of her most popular videos, captioned "yes I eat bugs," has been viewed more than eight million times since being uploaded in March. She's since followed it up with numerous other clips, racking up hundreds of thousands of views.

She admitted: "So I know what this looks like, it looks really weird. You'd never expect for me to have ants in my food, and let alone you to have ants in your food. However, I just want to make a statement, that ants, these ones in particular, taste like a citrus flavor. Just like lemon pepper."

Vonn confirmed she does also eat other meat as she prepared meals using chicken and salmon—cooked with bugs—but she explained her decision was in part fueled by trying to reduce her carbon footprint.

In another clip, Vonn said: "One of things that I learned is there is over 25,000 factory farms in the U.S. So what I'm doing to lower my personal carbon footprint is consume insects. They're healthy, sustainable and tasty."

Her recipes have received a mixed reaction online, with some people branding them "sick," while others said they'd be curious to try an insect meal.

"Imagine going to someone's house and they serve you eggs with ants," Rocco commented.

Mary Lai demanded: "We need an apology video."

KristinHamilton admitted: "Hahaha this is so interesting but it makes me sick to my stomach."

And Euphoria Nation commented: "Think I need to have extra therapy sessions because of this video."

While Sade replied "respectfully absolutely not," Wa'ad added "I'm gonna faint," while Nina claimed "I would die."

But some were open-minded, with Ava Rose saying: "I'm down to normalize eating bugs because it's better for the environment, high protein, and many good effects."

Rico pointed out: "Ya'll missing out the part where bugs have hella protein and it's a great substitute for meat. Lots of cultures have bugs in their diet."

And Julia reckoned: "Fun fact, the literal cure to world hunger is people becoming OK w eating bugs. Many countries & cultures have already adapted & they can be v tasty."

Newsweek has reached out to Vonn for a comment.

Woman eating a bug
Stock image of a woman eating a bug. An entomologist has horrified people after revealing she eats bugs for breakfast. Urilux/Getty Images