Florida Man Shared Sex Tape of Ex-girlfriend 'Out of Spite' Because She Didn't Look After His Dogs Properly

A Florida man accused of posting a sexual video featuring his ex-girlfriend to Snapchat claims he did so "out of spite" because she failed to care for his pet dogs.

Jonathon Stokes, 26, of Deltona, was detained by police on Monday and charged with one count of sexual cyberharassment, according to inmate records posted online this week by the Volusia County Corrections. The suspect was released after posting a $1,500 bond.

Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a residence in Naples Circle at roughly 9:15 p.m., where a woman told them her ex-partner had posted sexual videos online without her permission, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported, citing an arrest affidavit filed by the police officers.

The woman, who was not named, said Stokes had been publishing "angry posts" on his Snapchat profile, accusing her of not properly looking after his pet dogs while he had been out of town.

She alleged Stokes had previously threatened to upload a sex video, which featured both of them. According to Daytona Beach radio station WNDB, the woman said the footage had originally been filmed with her knowledge, but she never agreed for it to be released online.

The police report said the ex-girlfriend showed officers the video clip and said she wanted to take legal action. Deputies made contact with Stokes at a residence in Bonkirk Drive.

The report said the suspect initially denied posting the sexual material but later admitted he had removed it from his Snapchat account after talking to a friend. The affidavit noted Stokes was aware his ex-partner did not give consent and claimed he uploaded it "out of spite."

He is currently scheduled to be arraigned on August 20.

The Volusia County Corrections records indicate that Stokes has a criminal history. In 2014, he was booked into the jail for assault and cannabis possession. And in 2013, he was arrested for assault on a person 65-years-old or older and resisting a police officer without violence.

In April, a Florida woman was arrested by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office after being accused of "maliciously" sharing images of a man's genitals to social media. Breyanna Helen Dean, 24, spread the illicit pictures via direct messages and then turned to extortion, demanding money from the victim for her to stop.

"[Dean's] actions directly exposed the victim to disgrace," police said. "Evidence exists of the defendant having access to the social media account, due to a screenshot she sent to the victim, via text message, of a post she had not yet made public. Probable cause exists for extortion." The exact relationship with the male victim was not immediately clear.

Jonathon Stokes
Jonathon Stokes, 26, of Deltona, was detained by police on Monday and charged with one count of sexual cyberharassment, according to inmate records. Volusia County Corrections