Florida Trump Boat Parade Going Ahead Despite Organizer's Felony Charge

A Labor day boat parade to show support for President Donald Trump is still scheduled to take place on Monday despite one of its main organizers being charged with an alleged felony offense.

The "Trump Labor Day Boat Parade" is still listed as going ahead on its Facebook page, with the event set to start at Jupiter, Florida, at 11 a.m. before making its way down to the Mar a Lago resort.

"Let's make this big. In Trump we trust. See you there...." the events page adds.

The president's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., his wife Kimberly, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, and "four other VIPs" are said to be taking part in the flotilla on September 7.

The parade is going ahead even after Carlos Gavidia, one of its main organizers, was arrested and charged with sending a written threat to kill or do bodily injury following a dispute he had with a resident at the luxury Admirals Cove estate in Jupiter.

Gavidia, 53, handed himself into police after he was accused of using anti-Semitic language and threatening alleged victim Paul Edenbaum.

According to a Jupiter Police report, the dispute between the pair erupted on August 11 after Edenbaum asked Gavidia to wear a face mask while dining at Admirals Cove's Marina Cafe because he was with his elderly father.

Later on, Gavidia texted Edenbaum to say: "Dude are we no longer friends because I support the president??? I come up say hello and you act like a d***."

Edenbaum replied that he did not care who he supported but asked him to "have some class."

Gavidia replied: "Have some class??? F*** you! You classless piece of s***."

On August 26, Edenbaum said he was confronted again by Gavidia while he was eating at the Marina Cafe. He claimed Gavidia started yelling at him, shouting "f*** you, you f****** little Jew!"

Two or three minutes after he left the cafe, Gavidia is alleged to have texted Edenbaum: "Your [sic] such a p****. You f***** with the wrong guy I'm coming for you you'll see you will see you little f****** piece of shit I've got nothing to lose but you have plenty like your life, you have no idea who I am.

"And I don't play like you p****** I play for keeps your [sic] f****** done."

Edenbaum contacted Jupiter Police and complained that the text made him fear for his life.

Following his arrest, Gavidia was released from Palm Beach County Jail on Wednesday and told not to come within 500 feet of the restaurant in Admirals Cove, reported The Palm Beach Post.

Gavidia admitted sending the texts, but denied using the anti-Semitic slur in the argument with Edenbaum, saying he called him "a little jerk." Gavidia has since moved out of Admirals Cove.

Gavidia is known for organizing a number of boat parades showing support for Trump ahead of the 2020 election, including ones previously attend by Trump Jr.

When asked about the Labor Day parade still going ahead following Gavidia's arrest, one of the event's organizers told Newsweek: "This movement is much larger than any one Patriot."

Hundreds of boats decorated with President Donald Trump campaign flags and US Flags parade through the lake together during the ÒDonald Trump Victory Boat ParadeÓ on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia, New Hampshire on August 22, 2020. A Labor day boat parade to show support for Trump is still scheduled to take place despite one of its main organizers being charged with a felony. OSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP/Getty