Florida Woman Arrested For Throwing Frozen Pork Chop At Her Boyfriend

A Florida woman was arrested for throwing a frozen pork chop at her boyfriend during a quarrel, cutting his face near his eyebrow.

Pasco County police arrested Jennifer Brassard, 48, of Brookesville last Friday night for domestic battery, according to the police report.

Police said a verbal argument started between Brassard and her boyfriend. As the argument intensified, Brassard grabbed a frozen pork chop and hurled it at her man, striking him in the left eyebrow and causing a half-inch cut. The boyfriend fled the house. The police later arrived and determined that Brassard was the "primary aggressor" in the fight, based on the boyfriend's statements to police.

Brassard and her boyfriend, who live together, have been dating for a year.

Police deemed that Brassard was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they booked her, and she was released on bond Saturday.

Pasco County is in Southwest County, just north of the metro Tampa area, and it's just south of Marion County, where a woman dropped her baby on a busy highway while fleeing from cops in November.

Throwing food during an argument isn't anything new. Last month, a Jacksonville-area Kentucky Fried Chicken employee was arrested and fired for throwing boxes of chicken and biscuits at a customer in the drive-thru.

In November, a 65-year-old Tampa Bay woman was arrested for throwing Chinese food at her mate while he was laying in bed.

Also in the Tampa area, police arrested a Bradenton man, 22, when he pelted his mother with sausages, striking her in the eye with one of them when she didn't immediately cook his dinner when he asked for it.

In the Florida panhandle city of Fort Walton Beach, a homeless woman was arrested when she began throwing free food given to her. After employees told her she must leave to eat the food, she became enraged, and threw the food across the bar at employees, then began flipping tables and chairs before her arrest.

Kentucky police arrested a 21-year-old man for throwing a Christmas ham at a woman in late December.

In Oregon, a couple was arrested for throwing their food at a Taco Bell employee who allegedly forgot their hot sauce.

Last July in New York, a McDonald's worker beat up a customer who threw a milkshake at her.