Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's Intense 30-Second Face-Off Watched Over 1 Million Times

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's heated face-off has already been viewed over 1 million times on social media.

The boxing legend and YouTube star locked horns in an intense showdown on Thursday evening after they crossed paths at an event in Miami.

Mayweather and Paul are set to battle it out in an exhibition boxing match at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on June 6.

A video of the encounter shared by Bleacher Report on Twitter went viral and has since been viewed 1.3 million times and liked over 17,000 times.

In the clip, the pair are seen aggressively sizing one another up for over 30 seconds.

Paul, 26, is initially seen towering over his 44-year-old opponent before stepping away.

Mayweather then quickly steps up to the social media giant, bringing him back in for another brief stare-down.

A grinning Paul then eventually moves away from the former boxing professional in a bid to pose for photographs.

The video sparked a debate among fans as to the tactics being used by the stars.

@albis_93 wrote: "You can see the meal Floyd is having with Logan's head in this stare off. This is one of the most intense I've seen him. This could be scary lol."

"I see nothing scary about it, this is not a Floyd usual thing, tells me he is a bit worried and trying different tactics to get into Logans head..still think Floyd will carry the fight, just not sure he is going to do anything of consequence though," user @ChrisDa87916204 argued.

.@FloydMayweather and @LoganPaul squaring up 👀 @br_betting pic.twitter.com/fbFsMWt7gy

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) June 3, 2021

@lolkappaz declared: "Logan is already a winner here, regardless. Definitely think mayweather will knock him out but still."

A slate of users were quick to troll the pair over the video, with some hailing it "cringe" and others "awkward."

@NlillNjA tweeted: "Such an awkward face off, lol. Looked like they were about to kiss with how Floyd was backing up Logan in the beginning there."

"Imagine trying to act tough squaring up with a dude twice your age haha," @SamGleesh joked.

@_GregoryJoseph_ mocked: "One prob had an everything bagel and the other a tuna fish sandwich right before."

The face-off comes after the Florida State Boxing Commission announced the rules of the upcoming match.

The rules revealed the match could span a maximum of eight three-minute rounds. They also cited that there would be no official winner read.

To make things more interesting, the glove size has been dropped from 12 ounces to 10 ounces, which could increase the likelihood of a knockout.

Mayweather hung up his professional gloves when he retired undefeated in 2017 after winning all 50 fights in his career—27 of them via knock-outs.

Paul has only stepped into the ring twice with fellow YouTuber KSI, real name Olajide William Olatunji, in 2018 and then in a re-match in 2019.

The initial fight was ruled a draw and Paul lost by split decision in the follow-up.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul face-off
Floyd Mayweather (L) and Logan Paul face off during media availability ahead of their June 6th exhibition boxing match on June 03, 2021 at Villa Casa Casuarina at the former Versace Mansion in Miami Beach, Florida. Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul face-off ahead of their match on Sunday. Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images