Former Subway Employee Warns Customers to "Stay Away From" Certain Menu Items

Subway's slogan may be "Eat Fresh"—but how fresh are their sandwiches, really?

One TikToker, claiming to be a former employee of the company, is calling the quality of Subway's ingredients into question, and viewers can't get enough of the exposé.

In the video posted to TikTok last week, user @yourgirl1603 shows herself in what appears to be a kitchen-prep area, clad in a Subway uniform.

"I quit my job of [four] years at Subway, let me let you in on some stuff," she writes.

First, "NEVER order breakfast," she says, "Only god knows how old those eggs and sausages are."

"Our veggies aren't really that fresh," she says later in the clip, adding that the restaurant only receives produce deliveries "once a week." She says: "Honestly ... anything that isn't up front and needs to be taken out is ... most likely super old."

"The chicken strips are the one thing that I absolutely stay away from... everything about it just doesn't sit right with me," adds the TikToker.

However, not everything @yourgirl1603 said was negative: "[Subway's] cookies are THE best cookies I've ever had anywhere," she noted.


What is your guys go to subway order? I will judge you #fyp #subway #nothingisfresh

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The video has been viewed over 250,000 times and counting, and thousands have flocked to the comments section to weigh in—including other current and former Subway employees.

"I worked there for 2 and a half years and I can testify to all of these," wrote one viewer.

Countered another: "I think it depends on which store it is...our veggies are fresh as hell."

"In my Subway the veggies were delivered twice a week," offered another ex-employee. "[Don't] order the veg patty. [Don't] order before 11am or it's old bread."

In response to the attention garnered by her video, @yourgirl1603 adds a couple of disclaimers to her message.

"Every Subway is different, this is just how mine worked," she noted, adding that if anything, the claims made in her video reflect poorly on the franchise owner, "not the brand."

The TikTok video comes in the lingering aftermath of Subway's latest controversy regarding the contents of its popular tuna salad. After a January lawsuit alleged that the company's tuna mixture did not actually contain tuna, The New York Times DNA-tested the sandwich filling. Their investigation found that the tuna mixture contained no tuna DNA—a claim that Subway vehemently denies, noting that cooking the protein denatures it, thus making it more difficult to identify.

While neither @yourgirl1603 nor Subway could be reached for comment in time for publication, the attention sparked by the video speaks to a growing interest in consumers. Platforms like TikTok have allowed for access to behind-the-scenes information regarding the practices of large companies, especially popular fast-food chains.

Late last month, for example, a TikTok showing a Little Caesars employee using a power drill to mix their pizza sauce went viral on the app. As a result of the social media post, which amassed millions of views, the employee was reportedly let go from the company.

Meanwhile, a TikTok revealing that KFC uses instant mashed potatoes—made from a combination of a mashed potato mix and water—appeared to disappoint many viewers.

Subway Sign
A TikTok video made by a woman who claims to be a former Subway employee exposed how ingredients at the franchise she worked were not fresh. A Subway restaurant is seen in Miami, Florida, 2015. Getty Images/Joe Raedle

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