Ex-Trump Supporter Apologizes on Obama's Birthday for 'Hate I Gave Him,' Admits 'I Did Have Racist Tendencies'

A vocal supporter of President Donald Trump who has since flipped his views wrote an apology on President Barack Obama's 58th birthday Sunday for "hate" he directed at the former commander-in-chief when he believed Trump's accusations and had "racist tendencies."

"August 4th is the birthday of President Barack Obama. I thought long and hard what I could give the 44th President of the United States as a birthday president," wrote former Trump supporter David Weissman in a blog published in The Times of Israel. "If I had the option, I would give him a sincere apology for the hate I gave him when I was a conservative over the years during his presidency."

Weissman, an Army veteran who stopped backing Trump in early 2018, wrote that he was "foolish and close-minded not to question the demonizing" of Obama on Fox News and other conservative media outlets.

"Since day one when Barack Obama announced his presidency, there was a not so good feeling in my stomach of the thought of him 'a black man' being the President of the United States," Weissman wrote.

Weissman admitted to Newsweek, "I've realized in this transition I did have racist tendencies, same with immigrants and Muslims." He attributed his past racist tendencies to "conservatism and listening to conservative pundits."

Obama Birthday Trump Supporter Letter
President Barack Obama reacts as the audience sings him a belated "Happy Birthday" at a campaign event in Chicago on August 12, 2012. YURI GRIPAS/AFP/GettyImages

In his letter, Weissman shared that he began engaging in political activism soon after 9/11 and that the first talk show hosts he ever watched were Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly of Fox News. Weissman explained that he bought into claims that media outlets that were not conservative were fake news.

"I even believed in the birther conspiracy that Trump helped spread thinking he was un-American and shouldn't be the president," Weissman wrote, adding that he believed that Obama wanted to take Americans' rights away. "I've condemned him for any little thing he said and made it to something more."

Weissman wrote that he realized he was wrong about liberal values and "wrong about President Obama."

"I've learned especially about white privilege," Weissman wrote. "I see when [Obama] talked about conservatives, he was right and mainly wanted them to see what it's like to put on the shoes of black people, Muslims, anyone that's not in the conservative close-minded bubble."

Weissman wrote that Obama was by no means perfect, "but he did not deserve the hatred he received while he was in office and even now, by me and other conservatives."

"I am truly sorry to believe any of that hateful propaganda about you, and I am sorry that I took out my frustrations on you," Weissman wrote to Trump's predecessor. "Lastly, it was an honor to serve in the United States Military under your leadership." The veteran concluded, "Happy Birthday President Obama."

Weissman, who has more than 86,000 followers, decided to address Obama after seeing a tweet by The Democratic Coalition chairman Jon Cooper on Saturday asking users what, if anything, they would give to the ex-president as a birthday present.

To be able to apologize to him in person for my hate when I was a conservative.

— David Weissman (@davidmweissman) August 3, 2019

Since converting from a Trump to Elizabeth Warren supporter, Weissman said he has apologized to many groups and people including 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for relentlessly attacking them.

"I really feel like an idiot believing in Trump," Weissman said, reiterating his views from a tweet in June. "I wasn't a nice conservative Trump troll."

Regarding his letter, Weissman said, "I don't expect President Obama to say anything — I just hope he sees it."