'Fortnite' 18.10 Patch: Where To Get Chili Chug Splash in Season 8

A new consumable, known as Chili Chug Splash, has been added to Fortnite as part of the 18.10 patch.

This is a variant of the old Chug Splash item that was first introduced all the way back in chapter 1, season 9 of Fortnite. If you are not familiar with this drink, it is a little different from the battle royale's other consumables in the sense that you cannot guzzle it down by pressing the fire button (as you would with a shield potion).

Instead, you need to throw a pack of Chug Splash at your own feet to douse yourself—and any nearby teammates—in blue liquid. This will then heal everybody in the splash radius and fill their shield bars by 20 percent as well.

Chili Chug Splash works in exactly the same way but comes with an added perk. When you drench yourself in this spicier flavor, you will gain a temporary speed boost, as if you had eaten a pepper. You can tell when the effect is applied to another player because steam will come piping out of their ears.

Fortnite Chili Chug Splash Effects
A player who has used Chili Chug Splash will benefit from increased movement speed. The steam coming out of their ears will let you know that they are under this effect. Epic Games

Where To Find Chili Chug Splash in Fortnite Season 8

Chili Chug Splash is an exotic item in Fortnite, meaning that you are unlikely to just stumble across it in your travels. Instead, you will have to deliberately hunt the consumable down if you want to benefit from its unique status effects.

There are currently two ways of getting Chili Chug Splash. The first is by attacking one of the colorful loot llamas (those pinata-like animals that roam the island) until it drops the desired item. These are quite rare, however, and their spawn locations in season 8 are currently unpredictable.

The other, easier, method is to pay a visit to The Brat NPC, who will trade you some Chili Chug Splash for gold bars. This character can be found at the Fork Knife Food Truck landmark, at the point marked on the below map. The location is to the northwest of Retail Row.

The Brat will sell you a pack of three Chili Chug Splash items for 210 gold bars.

With the 18.10 update, the standard version of Chug Splash has made a comeback to Fortnite Island as well. This item is significantly more commonplace than the chili variant and can often be found by just searching random loot chests.

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