'Fortnite' Season 8 Quest List for Unlocking All Toona Fish Character Styles

A selection of new paint styles has been added for the Toona Fish character in Fortnite Season 8. This guide will list all of the quests that you need to complete in order to unlock these various outfits.

The Toona Fish skin was introduced to Fortnite just over a couple of weeks ago. Although the anthropomorphic guppy is monochrome at first, players can add a splash of color to make their version stand out from the crowd.

There were initially 21 different paint styles that you could unlock for the Toona Fish, which you could earn by tracking down their corresponding bottles in the game world. Speaking of which, Newsweek has already prepared walkthroughs showing you where to find the Diamond Blue and Cuddly Pink paints.

Following the recent v18.10 update for Fortnite Season 8, the amount of color options for the Toona Fish has doubled. There are subsequently 42 options for you to unlock now, although one of these is currently being kept under wraps as a special mystery skin.

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Unlock Criteria for New Toona Fish Styles

Unlike with the first batch of Toona Fish styles, you cannot unlock these new colors by simply finding their paint bottles out on the island.

Instead, you will need to complete specific quests for each one. The criterion for these missions varies greatly, with some requiring you to do quite a lot of work, while others are relatively straightforward.

To view the new Toona Fish character styles, head into the Season 8 battle pass and then navigate to the "Paint a Toona Fish" menu.

Zyg Toona Fish
The "More Character Styles" page displays a new selection of Toona Fish styles that can only be unlocked by completing designated quests. For instance, the Zyg style requires you to eliminate 20 cube monsters. Epic Games

Full List of New Toona Fish Character Styles

Here is a full list of every Toona Fish style that was added with the v18.10 update and its respective unlock criteria:

Toona Fish Character StyleUnlock CriteriaNotes
CharlotteUnlock Charlotte in the Season 8 Battle PassCharlotte is unlocked with the purchase of the Season 8 Battle Pass
KorUnlock Kor in the Season 8 Battle PassKor can be purchased for 9 battle stars, on page 4 of the Season 8 Battle Pass
Fabio SparklemaneUnlock Fabio Sparklemane in the Season 8 Battle PassFabio Sparklemane can be purchased for 9 battle stars, on page 5 of the Season 8 Battle Pass
TorinUnlock Torin in the Season 8 Battle PassTorin can be purchased for 9 battle stars, on page 8 of the Season 8 Battle Pass
J.B. ChimpanskiUnlock J.B. Chimpanski in the Season 8 Battle PassJ.B. Chimpanski can be purchased for 9 battle stars, on page 7 of the Season 8 Battle Pass
CarnageUnlock Carnage in the Season 8 Battle PassCarnage can be purchased for 9 battle stars, on page 10 of the Season 8 Battle Pass
??????Mystery character style currently silhouetted on the menu
FishstickDiscover 25 fish in the collection bookThis will require you to use a fishing rod or harpoon gun to catch different species of fish
AuraSpend 3,000 gold barsN/A
The VisitorVisit 15 different landmarksAny landmarks you have visited prior to v18.10 will not count towards this
TomatoheadConsume 50 foraged itemsN/A
SunnyComplete 10 character punch cardsA more in depth explanation of how to do this can be found here
MancakeComplete 10 bountiesN/A
Dark BomberOpen 10 chests in the SidewaysA more in depth explanation of the Sideways dimension can be found here
CluckCraft 5 different itemsN/A
DriftDrive in a vehicleN/A
JoeyVisit 3 different alien crash sitesN/A
ZygEliminate 200 cube monstersThese enemies can be are found in the Sideways dimension
Cube AssassinDefeat 1 Cube AssassinN/A
Mecha Team LeaderUnlock 21 Toona Fish color bottlesThis requires you to collect every single paint bottle on the island
Merry MarauderClaim 41 Toona Fish StylesThis requires you to unlock every other Toona Fish character style (there are 41 excluding the Merry Marauder itself)