'Fortnite' Limited Time Mode Data Mine: Tactics Showdown, Ground Game and Score Royale

Fortnite patch v4.4 didn't have any skins or awesome items hidden in its code, which is kind of a bummer. However, Two Epic Buddies, the German data miners who completely scour the code minutes after it goes live, did find references to two brand new limited time modes, alongside new information about another unearthed last week.

These game modes are unavailable and could change before they hit the live servers. We still haven't seen the promised Playground mode due to "bug issues."

Fortnite 4.4 Content Update Datamine: New Limited Time Modes Uncovered

Tactics Showdown

New mode Tactics Showdown! Limits your resources. pic.twitter.com/AZiMA7LucE

— DieBuddies (@TwoEpicBuddies) June 19, 2018

In the code, the description reads:

"This mode encourages tactical combat and building by putting a sap on the amount of resources and ammunition players can carry. Player-built structures also start off with less health than normal, and when players are eliminated they will drop fewer resources than normal."

Tactics Showdown sounds like a bloodier game of Fortnite, where master builders will exceed expectations. With lower health on player structures, AKs will be able to shred through defenses before you're able to put up another one. Firefights will be won by players who know how to outmaneuver their opponents, saving ammo and resources only for the most crucial of fights.

Ground Game LTM

Here's the description for the Ground Game LTM hidden inside the code:

"In Ground Game, the focus is on fighting smart – Spray & Pray and Build Spamming isn't an option here. Fewer building materials can be carried and max ammo count is limited, so use the natural cover that the map provides and make every shot count!"

Like Tactics Showdown, Ground Game will rely heavily on strategy. With a limit on resources and ammo, you'll have to collect only what's necessary. That sounds simple enough, but the storm slowly encroaching on your position will be there to halt your progress.

Score Royale LTM

Last week's Fortnite data mine unearthed the Score Royale LTM description:

"A brand new take on earning Victory Royale, this mode rewards players who like to explore and search for loot. Earn points by opening loot containers, using foraged items and eliminating other players. The first player to pass the high score threshold wins!"

More code was added this week, giving more insights about how you get points. Chests and loot llamas give the most, since they are the hardest to find. Points scale as the match progresses, so players who stay alive longer earn more points. You'll also earn points by killing enemy players, giving others an incentive to fight.

More infos about the Score Royale mode. pic.twitter.com/HbOl7jxb4J

— DieBuddies (@TwoEpicBuddies) June 19, 2018