5 'Fortnite' Map Easter Eggs Added in Season 4: From Missiles To Secret Lairs

The comet has finally landed in Fortnite , devastating the map and scarring the earth. For the game's fourth season, the team at Epic Games really stepped their game up and added some insane new features. There's the "orange shirt kid's" redemption, new superhero-inspired outfits and even intergalactic fragments littering the ground that will let you float. Trying to find all the secrets hidden in the map for Fortnite Season 4 might be difficult, but allow us to show you the top five.

Dusty Divot Impact Crater

The long-fabled meteorite has finally landed, knocking Dusty Divot off the face of the planet. There's a small base hidden in the wreckage that allows players to look inside and uncover hidden loot or treasure chests. My personal favorite addition has to be the meteor fragments littered around the perimeter of the crater. If you use one of them, your body will glow bright blue and you'll be able to jump higher than normal. It's the first item that isn't randomly generated throughout the map and can be obtained by everyone consistently. It doesn't add to much power but isn't completely useless; it sits at a nice power level that doesn't force players to head to the crater if they need to win.

Underground Bunker

There seem to be a whole bunch of supervillain-style lairs hidden throughout the map. Found by reddit user Kaneda, under the blue house in Salty Springs, there's an underground bunker straight out of the Atomic Era. There's a long oval desk, complete with lamps and green-tinted television screens, a vending machine and exercise equipment. My theory is that it's a fallout shelter created by an ultimate villain who also just happened to be a very serious doomsday prepper. He's got everything you'd need if you were stuck underground for the rest of your life, except sunlight, friends and fresh air.

T-Rex Footprint

dinosaur footprint
Look at the size of that thing Reddit via Qpaniic

East of the houses on Snobby Shores, behind Greasy Grove, lies a giant dinosaur footprint. The house that once stood in the same spot has been turned into rubble under the gigantic weight of a prehistoric terror. Interestingly enough, there's only one giant print, meaning that this dinosaur was either teleported away after showing up, only has one leg or I am thinking way to much into the situation. Reddit user Qpaniic found this odd specimen while traveling the map. I hope it's some weird viral marketing campaign for Jurassic Park: Lost World but that might be just a little unrealistic.

Superhero Headquarters

All the way on the east side of the island, to the south of Lonely Lodge, lies a secret base under a mountain. The entrance is on the side of a cliff underneath the large mansion, so it's going to take some building to access, but you'll be rewarded with multiple chests when you do. Almost like Bruce Wayne's Batcave, this secret hideout is complete with all the amenities a crime fighter could hope for. There's showers, old computers, a giant logo in the middle of a room and even a locker room for costume changes. Reddit user TopiKoodaa informed the community about this new hidden place and all of it's crazy secrets.

Blast Off

rocket pleasant park
The rocket in Pleasant Park reddit via Liukka123

Near Pleasant Park, there's a malicious looking rocket ready to annihilate. Could Tilted Towers finally meet its doom? Probably not, but I'd prefer that over a new weapon designed to inflict ultimate destruction. Here's reddit user's Liukka123 picture of the rocket, just ignore the quality.

5 'Fortnite' Map Easter Eggs Added in Season 4: From Missiles To Secret Lairs | Gaming