Twitch Streamer Allegedly Slaps Wife on Stream, Wants to Keep Playing 'Fortnite'

On Saturday night, Twitter user RevvOCE posted a video of Twitch streamer MrDeathMoth, <s>real name Luke Puckeridge, allegedly slapping his pregnant wife. In the pair of clips that have started to go viral, you can hear the Australian Fortnite streamer make his daughter and pregnant wife cry. MrDeadMoth's Twitch and Twitter accounts have been deactivated, though his YouTube account remains open.

"Can you not? I said I'll be out soon," MrDeadMoth says in the clip, before throwing down his keyboard and appearing to slap her off screen. "Don't hit me in the face," she says as their child begins to cry. Off screen she hurls objects, like a cardboard box, at MrDeadMoth.

"How many times do I have to tell you guys, I'll be out soon," MrDeadMoth says. The clips then descend into more screams and confusion, with his wife saying that she had cooked dinner an hour ago. The stream cuts out as MrDeadMoth's Fortnite character dies and he moves off screen as the screaming continues.

Twitch Streamer MrDeadMoth Denies Being a 'Woman Beater,' Faces Court After Viral Video

The clip uploaded to Twitter was sent to RevvOCE by one of his friends, the user told Newsweek via DM. He claims that a lawyer was contacted once the clip started to gain traction online, who reached out to both the police and Twitch.

Daniel "Keemstar" Keem found the clip and shared it with his audience. According to a tweet by Keem, sources say that "both man and woman have been charged by police." Keem runs a YouTube drama channel called DramaAlert and has been wrong in the past. Newsweek cannot confirm these claims.

Fortnite Woman Beater Update : Both man & woman have been charged by police according to our sources.

— KEEM 🍿 (@KEEMSTAR) December 9, 2018

Other internet sleuths have started to dig around MrDeathMoth's online accounts. Twitter user Cylints claims to have found the password to his Gmail, Snapchat and other accounts and found the phone number to the woman in the video. <s>Cylints also claims that MrDeathMoth has not been apprehended by authorities. UPDATE: Cylints now claims that "MrDeadMoth has been apprehended by authorities" and that the "charges on his wife have also been dropped." Australian journalists have confirmed this claim.

NSW Police Media minutes ago: MrDeadMoth/Luke (26) has been charged for the assault of a Camden woman (21). Arrested 11:30pm in Oran Park; charged with common assault. An apprehended violence order has been served. Bailed to appear in court on Thursday (13th).

— lucey (@lucedwyer) December 10, 2018

Update 2: An earlier story mentioned MrDeadMoth's real name as Luke Puckeridge. It appears he may have been using an alias and his real name is Luke James Munday, according to court filings obtained by Newsweek,

Newsweek will update this story when more information surfaces.