'Fortnite' Switch Crossplay Detailed By Epic Games

Fortnite on Switch is officially live, and, since it wasn't mentioned during the Nintendo Direct, you may be wondering if the brand-new version supports crossplay. According to a tweet from Epic Games PR Manager Nick Chester, the answer is (mostly) yes.

Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile.

— Nick Chester (@nickchester) June 12, 2018

When asked if the Switch version supports crossplay, Chester replied "Xbox One, PC, Mac and mobile." In other words, you can Squad up with friends on every platform except PS4. To learn more about how Fortnite's crossplay feature works, check out our crossplay guide. The simple solution is to add friends to you buddy list using their Epic account name. Then you can include them in a Squad regardless of the platform they're on.

The fact that Fortnite on Switch does not support crossplay with PS4 is a bit of a disappointment, but it's not a surprise given that Sony hasn't been very receptive to crossplay in general. While Epic Games has indirectly urged Sony to reconsider its controversial position many times, that change of heart has not come to pass.

Fortnite for Nintendo Switch was announced Tuesday afternoon. The free download does not include the PvE Save the World mode.

Fortnite is in early access on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and iOS.

Are you surprised to learn that Fortnite for Switch doesn't support crossplay with PS4? Will you be Squadding up with friends on Xbox? Tell us in the comments section!