Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs Blasts Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale's 'Dynasty' Bragging

Fox Business Network host and frequent defender of Donald Trump, Lou Dobbs, ridiculed the president's 2020 campaign chief for bragging about the establishment of a Trump "dynasty."

"The great Lou Dobbs," as Trump once referred to the cable news host at a Missouri campaign rally, lashed out at Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale Sunday for making the bizarre claim the Trump family is setting themselves up to run the country "for decades to come!" The former digital media director for the successful 2016 Trump campaign was quoted telling the Associated Press over the weekend he believes Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are preparing to take over the U.S. government for decades.

Parscale, who has a long history of public self-aggrandizing and Trump touting, told a convention of Republican Party delegates meeting in Indian Wells, California, that he and the Trumps are helping to transform politics far into the country's future.

"The Trumps will be a dynasty that will last for decades, propelling the Republican Party into a new party," he said. "One that will adapt to changing cultures. One must continue to adapt while keeping the conservative values that we believe in."

According to the AP, Parscale later declined to clarify his comments to reporters before adding, "I just think they are a dynasty. I think they are all amazing people with ... amazing capabilities." But Parscale seemed to enjoy his grandiose commentary, tweeting out the Fox News version of the story with a #TrumpDynasty hashtag.

Dobbs reacted by blasting the Trump digital campaign manager: "This may be one of the dumbest things a campaign manager for a populist candidate ever said: Trump family building 'dynasty' for decades to come #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs."

Never one to be outdone by Twitter commentary, Parscale went on to mock Dobbs and other conservative critics of the "dynasty" comment. "Did I hit a nerve? Triggered!" he replied on Twitter Sunday afternoon. In July, Parscale said he has zero concern about any Democratic candidate defeating Trump in 2020, saying the president "could beat anybody."

Parscale appeared on Fox News in July to say the Trump campaign does not need to reach out to any new voters, they simply need to reinforce their 2016 base voters and make sure they show up to the polls in November 2020. He claimed the "power" of Trump's Twitter account has allowed him to "control" the news media.

"This president's — the voice he has and the message he can control and the way he can control what's happening in the media, no one can touch this," Parscale told Fox News' Martha MacCallum at the time.

Despite Dobbs' criticism of the 2020 Trump digital media manager, the Fox Business Network host is typically one of the president's most ardent defenders. Just last week Dobbs said "the national left-wing media went apoplectic over the past few days" as he ridiculed negative responses to Trump's Hurricane Dorian tweets. "It's not exactly a mere loss of the sense of proportion on the part of the left-wing fake news media. This is madness what we have witnessed over the last few days."

Fans of Dobbs' show concurred with the Fox Business Network host, saying that while many members of the extended Trump family have "appeal" -- no one is looking for an American Trump dynasty.

"Not to mention, [Parscale's] totally wrong. Trump voters aren't in love with the Trump kids. They're nice people, and Don Jr. has genuine appeal to conservatives, but there's no real constituency for the children. And Americans do not like nepotism or dynasties," a reply from Alex Garner reads.

Brad Parscale (left) and Lara Trump exit the elevators at Trump Tower in New York on January 3. DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images