Fox Cub Filmed Frolicking in the Snow in Adorable Video Viewed 4M Times

Heartwarming footage appearing to show a young fox cub playing in a snow-covered garden has gone viral after being posted on Twitter.

The clip was shared to the platform by decedant99, and was purportedly filmed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England during a light snowstorm.

It showcases a picturesque suburban scene, with the cub seen bouncing around the snow-covered grass while tiny flakes continue to fall down on the fox from above.

Decedant99 posted the clip alongside the caption: "Look at this lil baby playing in the snow."

At the time of writing, the enchanting video had earned over 4.4 million views on Twitter as well as over 59,000 retweets and more than 430,000 likes.

Decedant99 returned with a follow-up video showing the fox cub's continued adventures in the snow.

In the second video, the fox can be seen exploring much of the snow-covered garden, at one point dipping their snout into the ground before bounding off into a nearby bush.

While on the surface, the fox's actions appear to ape those of a young child experiencing snow for the first time, some viewers suspected there was more to the animal's antics than first meets the eye.

SandyMDonald claimed the fox was "practicing some hunting technique" whereby they listen for "mice under the snow, chase them, then dive nose-first into the snow to catch a meal. That last big leap is all about punching down towards a meal." Decedant99 agreed, replying: "Yeah you can just hear me and my dad chatting about whether or not he'd got a mouse in the snow if you listen closely."

For the most part though, the internet was enraptured by the fox and what was a suitably festive tableau of life, coming just days before the start of December.

Lisboadolphin71 said the video was "as Christmassy as it can get," while kira_millana11 branded the clip "fantastic content." Inestimabletall commented: "He is so beautiful. You can tell he loves the snow. He's a jolly little furry friend," while gallacampo966 said: "What a beautiful thing. I love this fox so much."

Newsweek has contacted Decedant99 for comment.

Foxes are a common enough sight in gardens all over the U.K., and while animal lovers are encouraged to leave food out for them, experts have urged a degree of caution in this respect.

According to the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trusts: "If foxes are fed heavily and regularly they can become over-confident and less wary of people. This could encourage them to approach strangers for food, a situation that should not be encouraged."

This fox cub's charming reaction to snow comes hot on the heels of two separate similar clips showcasing a bear cub and a dog reacting with delight to the cold weather.

A fox frolicking in the snow.
Stock image of a young fox in the snow - a cub has been filmed exploring the snow in a suburban garden. Rejean Bedard/Getty