Fox Business Host: Government Shutdown No Big Deal Because 'Principal Beneficiaries' Of Government Programs are Undocumented Immigrants

Lou Dobbs believes a government shutdown would be no big deal because "the principal beneficiaries" of government programs would be the undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

The Fox Business host was talking to Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs during his talk show, Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight when he made the comments. Biggs and Dobbs were discussing the meeting President Donald Trump had with Representative Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer. During the meeting, Trump said he would be "proud" to shut down the government for the wall.

"I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck," Trump told Schumer and Pelosi during the meeting at the White House on Tuesday. "Because the people of this country don't want criminals and people that have lots of problems and drugs pouring into our country, so I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not going to blame you for it."

During his discussion with Congressman Biggs about border security, Dobbs said he believed no one would notice a government shutdown. He continued to say the only people that would benefit from government programs in the U.S. would be undocumented immigrants.

"Shutting down the government, and who's going to notice? The principal beneficiaries seem to be the estimated 22 to 30 million illegal immigrants in the country," Dobbs said during the broadcast on Tuesday night. "I mean who else are the real beneficiaries of leaving this government open?"

Lou Dobbs of Fox Business Network speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center February 24, 2017, in National Harbor, Maryland. Dobbs said that undocumented immigrants would benefit more from government programs than Americans during his show on Tuesday night. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Dobbs continued to say that the average working American would not benefit from this and that most Americans have had a "bellyfull" of the government.

"It's not the American working man and woman, it is not the entrepreneur who depends on government, I mean just who the heck is the beneficiary besides of course elected officials including yourself, Congressman, who benefit from that paycheck and a nice comfortable office in the nation's capital," Dobbs continued. "The American people in poll after poll after poll are saying they've had a bellyful of what's passing for government in this country."

Congressman Biggs told Dobbs Trump is willing to make a case to secure the border but the Democrats do not want to.

"President Donald Trump made the case for a secure border. President Trump and the GOP want to do something about it. The Dems don't. We have to get it done," Biggs said.

Following the meeting of the shutdown, a reporter told MSNBC that Trump was frustrated with the meeting and stormed out of the Oval Office. Los Angeles Times White House reporter Eli Stokols said on MSNBC's Hardball Tuesday night that Trump was frustrated with Schumer.

"When the president left after Pelosi and Schumer left—a number of people saw him—he stormed out of the Oval, walked into an anteroom just off the Oval Office, and had in his hand a folder of briefing papers. And he just scattered them out of frustration, threw them across the room, and expressed frustration to the people who were present, mainly with Chuck Schumer," Stokols said. "His old New York sparring buddy, he felt, got the better of him. Goaded him into it. He remarked about how Schumer wouldn't make eye contact with the president and was actually looking back at the cameras as he was making comments to the president, but directing those comments to the camera."