Donald Trump 'Stormed Out' of Oval Office After Heated Meeting with Democratic Leaders, MSNBC Guest Claims

A frustrated President Donald Trump reportedly "stormed out" of an Oval Office meeting with Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer and hurled his briefing papers across the room.

Trump met with the congressional Democratic leaders Tuesday to hash out a budget deal and prevent a partial government shutdown before the holiday period. During their verbal sparring match in front of the cameras, the president said he would gladly accept responsibility for any shutdown if Congress did not approve his requested funding to build a wall on the southern border with Mexico.

"I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck," Trump said, undercutting the message of his own Republicans in Congress.

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A reporter told MSNBC, however, that Trump seemed angry and frustrated after the meeting.

"When the president left after Pelosi and Schumer left—a number of people saw him—he stormed out of the Oval, walked into an anteroom just off the Oval Office, and had in his hand a folder of briefing papers. And he just scattered them out of frustration, threw them across the room, and expressed frustration to the people who were present, mainly with Chuck Schumer," Los Angeles Times White House reporter Eli Stokols said on MSNBC's Hardball Tuesday night.

"His old New York sparring buddy, he felt, got the better of him. Goaded him into it," Stokols continued. "He remarked about how Schumer wouldn't make eye contact with the president and was actually looking back at the cameras as he was making comments to the president, but directing those comments to the camera.

"It frustrated the president more than what worried his aides, which was actually the comments he made sort of taking ownership of the shutdown," Stokols said.

Trump has requested $5 billion to build a border wall intended to keep undocumented migrants out of the U.S., but Congress is not certain to grant the funding. Republicans in Congress want to blame the Democrats for blockading the budget and causing a parts of the government to shut down before the holiday period.

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Stokols also said Trump had not followed the plan briefed by his aides before the meeting.

"This was supposed to be a short photo opp, as these pool sprays often are, just to give a picture of the president working with the Democrats, the incoming House majority, and trying to get a deal done. And then they're supposed to leave," Stokols said.

"Well, as you know, the president likes to sometimes keep the cameras in the room. Pelosi was…trying to help him say we'll talk when the cameras have left, but it sort of spiraled out of control," Stokols said.