French Man Sues Ex-Employer for Boredom

A man enters an office building. In France, an office worker (not pictured) is suing his ex-employer because he says he was too bored at work. public domain

Spending your morning wandering aimlessly to the coffee machine and back? Maybe you could take a tip from Frédéric Desnard, the French man demanding 360,000 euros ($416,000) from his ex-employer, claiming he was given so little to do at work he suffered from "bore-out."

The 44-year-old says his job as a manager at a perfume company was so tedious he became depressed and exhausted.

He was signed off work for seven months before being made redundant in September 2014 for "prolonged absence" that had "disturbed the smooth working" of the company, according to The Guardian.

His case highlights what critics say are problems with France's labor market, with staff clinging to unrewarding jobs because they fear finding another amid persistent unemployment.