Funimation Reveals New Anime Titles for Its Fall Season Lineup

Funimation has revealed its forthcoming fall anime season lineup, which will include more than 20 new and returning titles, with 14 shows revealed so far.

The streaming platform will also have four series continuing from the summer season, both simulcast and "simuldub."

Sharing his excitement for the season, Asa Suehira, chief content officer of Funimation Global Group, said in a statement: "This season is going to be next-level for anime globally and Funimation continues to be the home to welcome fans to our anime community."

Here is everything we know so far about Funimation's fall anime season.

New Anime Titles Coming to Funimation

Funimation has announced eight new anime series so far, and they will be simulcast on the streaming platform following their Japan release.

Ranking of Kings follows a young deaf prince named Boji and his quest to become the greatest king in the world, and it'll be released weekly from October 14.

The Heike Story is an adaptation of the 12th-century epic tale Heike Monogatari, and it follows a young orphan named Biwa who predicts bloodshed and civil war among the Taira Clan; the simulcast began on September 15.

Idol anime Selection Project focuses on a group of nine girls as they compete in the 7th Annual "Selection Project," it will be simulcast weekly from October 1.

Mieruko-chan is a dark comedy about a girl who can see dead people but tries her best to ignore them, with hilarious results. It will be released from October 3.

Ranking of Kings
"Ranking of Kings" is one of the new anime titles set to be released in Funimation's fall 2021 season. SousukeTOKA, KADOKAWA/Ranking of Kings animation film partners

The Vampire Dies in No Time is a comedy about vampire hunter Ronaldo and his misadventures with the world's weakest vampire. It airs weekly from October 4.

Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside follows lead Red after he is kicked out of his adventuring party. It'll be simulcast from October 6.

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale tells the story of a man exiled to the country after damaging his hand who is sent an arranged bride to look after him. It will air weekly from October 8.

RUMBLE GARANNDOLL is a sci-fi anime about a group of female freedom fighters going up against world invaders. A release date has yet to be revealed.

Returning Anime Titles Coming to Funimation

The second season of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon will be released during Funimation's fall season, and it will air weekly from October 2.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation will also be back for a second season, and it follows a 34-year-old underachiever who is reincarnated as an infant. It will be simulcast from October 3.

Anime Titles Continuing From the Summer 2021 Season

As expected of one of the longest-running anime of all time, One Piece will continue to be simulcast and dubbed in Funimation's fall season.

The simuldub for That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Part 2 is currently airing, and it will be ongoing during the fall season.

Obey Me! will also continue to be simulcast, while the simulcast and simuldub for Scarlet Nexus is set to carry on into the fall lineup.