Disappointed Brother's Reaction to Gender Reveal Goes Viral in Hilarious Video

Finding out the sex of your unborn baby is an exciting moment for any prospective parent, and for their older siblings too.

In modern times, it has become increasingly fashionable to do so via a gender reveal party.

This new phenomenon sees parents-to-be revealing their unborn baby's sex at a gathering of friends and family.

The climactic moment comes via a color reveal when either pink (for female) or blue (for male) appears, to rapturous applause.

This can be done in many creative ways—from firing a confetti cannon, to cutting into a cake to popping a balloon.

However, not everyone is always thrilled with the outcome, and in the case of one viral TikTok video, a young boy cannot hide his disappointment.

In the footage, posted to the video-sharing site by user Paige Craig, known as _paigecraig online, her son was not exactly delighted when it was revealed he was having a sister.

In the hilarious video, a father can be seen kneeling next to his four-year-old son, who is wearing an Adidas tracksuit.

The dad then assists him in stabbing a large balloon with a knife after they have counted down from three.

Pink confetti then floats through the air as the dad exclaims: "Oh it's a girl, no way!"

The little boy then stamps his foot, and hilariously shouts: "It's not a girl!"

The text overlaying the video explains: "4 year old not happy with gender reveal.

"He thought the baby was going to come out of the balloon."

The video is captioned: "Not impressed," and was posted on April 4, 2020.

It has since been viewed 1.9 million times and garnered over 219,000 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their amusement of the viral video.

One TikTok user, Casey Lindsay, wrote: "Congratulations... trust me, his little sis is going to be everything to him!"

A second person, cyrstal.gothard, added: "Oh precious was looking for his sibling. He be a great big brother. He's ready [sic]."

A third, Shyleigh.ann, commented: "My sister thought the same thing for my brothers gender reveal party [sic]."

While a fourth, Janeen N. Townsend, added: "He got confused by the core concept."

A fifth social media user, Drea89, typed: "Awl!! Congratulations I bet he is going to be the best brother!!! Awl [sic]."

However, it isn't just children that cannot hide their disappointment after a color reveal, as a recent viral video of a gender reveal in Australia showed.

When the balloon was popped and pink confetti came out, the father appeared visibly annoyed at the outcome.

He then threw the remainder of the balloon on the ground and uttered a curse word as the party guests laughed on.

The video, shared by matthb92, has been viewed over 537,9000 times.

gender reveal party
A stock image of parents at a gender reveal party. In the viral video, a four-year-old boy was disappointed when pink confetti came out of the balloon. Getty Images