Georgia Daycare Accused of Racism After 'Making Black Kids Wait to Eat'

A Georgia child daycare facility is facing intense community backlash after video showed the Black children waiting for the white kids to finish their meal before they were served lunch.

According to a CBS46 report, enraged parent Adryan McCauley saw the apparently unequal child treatment when he checked in on his two-year-old child using the Kids 'R' Kids Roswell video live stream.

He claimed that, according to the video, staffers fed the white children in their care before getting to the Black children. He noted that his own son was among the Black kids forced to wait for their meal.

"All the white kids got their lunch, and all the Black kids had to wait," he told CBS46. "They were skipping all of the Black kids it seemed like ... from the videos and pictures that we saw today, we are just completely disturbed."

McCauley's son was picked up shortly after, and his parents came prepared with screenshots from the live stream in hand. They claim the director of the daycare blamed the situation on "a dietary thing."

Horrified, McCauley posted the screenshot of the interaction to his Instagram, under the username @marquis_dagreat. "Why does every white kid have their food? Not one [Black] child has food in front of them!" he wrote. "Thank God for cameras in classrooms because there is no way to hide this racism! In the year 2021, this is truly unbelievable."

"As [Blacks] we always strive to send our kids to schools in Suburban [areas], but I'm telling you first hand that is not always best," he added. "This is not a black or white issue this is simply wrong!"

McCauley's followers were outraged by the news. "This is absolutely unacceptable! They need to explain why they think cultivating racism is okay! Those teachers need to be fired," one angry commenter wrote. Many demanded that corporate launch an official investigation into the issue.

David Vinson, the president and CEO of Kids 'R' Kids International, responded on the company's social media platforms to apologize to the "entire Kids 'R' Kids community for the narrative that is displayed by the snapshot."

"Our video system is in place and available to our families to ensure that we always operate in the spirit of wanting the best for their/our children," he added. He assured followers the "incident was random and isolated."

In a second post, Vinson announced that they would be separating themselves from the Roswell, Georgia franchise in question.

"After further review and much consideration of the photo/video in question, our company has decided to terminate that franchisee's Kids 'R' Kids contract and branding, effective immediately, leaving them to operate independently," he said.

Vinson, who called the situation "disturbing and not in accordance with the inclusive culture that we promote," added that they would be working with families affected by the discontinuation of their child care services.

The discriminatory behavior comes amid tragic news that Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, was shot by Minneapolis police. According to his mother, he was pulled over due to his car air freshener.

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A Georgia daycare is facing heat online for footage that shows caretakers forcing Black kids to wait for lunch until their white peers finished their meal. Miguel Pereira/Getty Images