Georgia GOP 'Election Confidence' Report Takes Aim at Absentee Voting, Dominion

The Georgia Republican Party has published a list of recommended changes to voting in the state that targets absentee ballots and Dominion Voting Systems' machines.

The state GOP's "Election Confidence Task Force' was headed by party chairman David Shafer. The task force released its 10-page report on Monday and it has already proven controversial.

Georgia voters chose President Joe Biden in November 2020, in what had previously been a deep red state. He was the first Democratic presidential candidate to win there since 1992. The following January, the Peach State elected two Democratic senators.

"The 2020 election revealed dramatic weaknesses in Georgia's system for conducting elections, and as a result, public confidence in the integrity of that system has been shattered," the report claims.

"Public confidence cannot be restored by pretending that these weaknesses do not exist. A problem must first be recognized before it can be solved."

The task force's recommendations include "[r]equiring photo ID verification for all absentee ballot applications and ballots, ending the legally compromised system of signature verification, to combat ballot harvesting and absentee ballot fraud."

The report also calls for ending "no-excuse absentee by-mail voting", saying "Current Georgia law is more liberal than New York law."

There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Georgia or nationwide during the 2020 presidential election but the state's results were the center of unfounded allegations, lawsuits and even conspiracy theories.

One of the most prominent of these theories focused on Dominion Voting Systems and the unfounded claim that their machines switched votes from former President Donald Trump to Biden.

The Georgia GOP report does not mention these allegations but it does recommend "[r]eplacing all Dominion software with auditable and transparent software."

The task force also lists other "confidence boosting measures" if the Dominion machines cannot be replaced, such as a paper ballot option, and says that no contracts with current providers should be renewed.

"An unlawfully cast vote cancels out a lawful vote and 'suppresses' a lawful voter as completely as if that lawful voter was physically barred from the polls," Shafer tweeted on Wednesday. "Our plan for stopping voter suppression: We want every legal vote counted and every illegal vote rejected."

The report was not well-received by some Georgia Republicans. John Porter, a top aide to Lt. Governor Jeff Duncan, responded by saying: "At some point Georgia Republican voters are going to get tired of Shafer's 'losers limp.'"

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has repeatedly dismissed claims that there were any irregularities in the 2020 presidential election in the state. He faced strong criticism from Trump's allies for defending the integrity of the election.

Stickers for Voters in Cobb County, Georgia
Stickers for voters after they have voted, sit on a table at a Cobb County voting location on January 5, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. The state GOP has recommended changes to the voting system. Megan Varner/Getty Images