Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Snaps at Election Conspiracy Theorists Targeting His Children

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has bemoaned continued attacks leveled at him, his wife and his children over the election results.

Kemp came under fire from President Donald Trump and his supporters following November 3, as the commander-in-chief disputed the state's results.

Two recounts both found Joe Biden to have received the most votes.

On Monday, the state's Electoral College votes went in Biden's favor. This came as the majority of Electoral College votes from across the nation went his way.

"It has gotten ridiculous," Kemp said, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, commenting on continued attacks.

He then referenced death threats, allegations of bribes from China and attacks on social media leveled at his children. He specifically mentioned his daughter Lucy being targeted with conspiracy theories linked to the death of her boyfriend Harrison Deal, who died in a traffic accident earlier this month.

On those taking issue with the election outcome, he added: "If anybody has an issue with something I've done, they need to come see me and I'll talk to them about it. They don't need to bother my wife or my children or anybody.

"I can assure you I can handle myself. And if they're brave enough to come out from underneath that keyboard or behind it, we can have a little conversation if they would like to."

Newsweek has contacted Kemp's office for comment.

Trump and his allies have previously looked to invalidate Georgia's election results, filing lawsuits in the state to this end. While Kemp has come under fire from Trump directly, he said that as far as he was aware his relationship with the president is "fine," and said he was simply following "the laws and the Constitution and the Constitution of this state."

After details of threats towards people involved in the election in Georgia were highlighted previously, Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign communications manager, said the Trump campaign condemned any such action.

"The campaign is focused on ensuring that all legal votes are counted and all illegal votes are not. No one should engage in threats or violence, and if that has happened, we condemn that fully," he said in a previous statement.

Newsweek has contacted the Trump campaign for comment on Kemp's latest remarks.

brian kemp at chatham county health department
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp speaks to the media before health care workers received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine outside of the Chatham County Health Department on December 15, 2020 in Savannah, Georgia. He has hit out at continued attacks against his family following the election results. Sean Rayford/Getty Images