Baby Giraffe Repeatedly Tries To Take First Steps in Adorable Viral Video

In a complicated and busy world, sometimes we just need to take a moment to enjoy something thoroughly wholesome—and this viral video of a baby giraffe is just the tonic.

In the clip, which was recently posted on Twitter, a giraffe calf attempts to take their first wobbly steps.

The young animal, who is being filmed in an enclosure, first tries to stand up, only to end up nosediving onto the straw-covered ground.

The adorable footage then sees the calf attempt to stand again, which results in them capsizing sideways.

Unperturbed the giraffe gives standing a third go, falling backwards.

However, the persistence pays off and the baby animal finally finds their footing. The camera then cuts to them standing next to their mother.

The footage was shared to Twitter by @HopkinsBRFC on May 2, alongside the caption: "First steps of a baby giraffe."

The 22-second-long clip has since gone viral, having been viewed over 30,100 times, and garnered over 2,044 likes.

Many flooded the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable video.

One Twitter user, @Helga_Otto_, wrote: "Sooo cuuute! For me, it is a great miracle how this newborn mini-giraffe manages to sort her long legs and walk in no time. Only nature can do this!"

Another person, @TommyVinnyMaate, joked: "Me once the nightclubs are back open."

First steps of a baby giraffe

— ❤️A page to make you smile again ❤️ (@HopkinsBRFC) May 2, 2021

A third, @johnjmarley, implied the clip had made him cry, writing: "I can't see this for the dust that just seems to have blown into my eyes. So bloody gorgeous."

While a fourth, @426785, explained that video could also represent "everyone who headed down the pub the first day they reopened.."

Social media user, @rainbowsatdawn, typed: "Me getting out of bed."

And if videos of baby animals is what you need to cheer you up today, you may also love this footage of a small panda repeatedly falling out of a hammock.

In the clip, shared to Twitter by @AnimalsWorld, the cute little bear becomes entangled in a hammock, then falls out onto the grass below.

Looking confused, the animal attempts to clamber back onto the hanging bed, only for the hammock to flip around, twice. The clip ends with the panda on their back once again.

The adorable video was posted to the social media site along with the caption: "If you're having a bad day, here's a panda trying to get in a hammock."

The 30-second clip was shared on April 29 and has since been watched more than 1.5 million times.

baby giraffe
A stock image of a baby giraffe. In the viral video, the young calf takes their first, rather wobbly, steps. Getty Images