Girl Kicked Out of Sorority for Posting Video Mocking Trans Health Secretary

A young woman claimed that, after posting a TikTok which was apparently critical of President Biden's transgender pick for the U.S. Secretary for Health role, she was kicked out of her sorority.

Louisiana State University (LSU) student Emily Hines formerly belonged to the campus' Alpha Phi sorority chapter. According to a report from Breitbart News, the organization terminated her membership in light of a public TikTok post that appeared to criticize Dr. Rachel Levine, the transgender assistant secretary for health in the United States.

The video, obtained by Breitbart News, features Hines dancing in her sorority sweatshirt to the 1977 Bee Gees song, "More Than a Woman." On the lyric "more than a woman to me," Hines points to an on-screen image of Levine, a move since criticized as "transphobic."

Hines, a conservative blogger who runs the site and social media handles "Right Side of Emily," said in a statement to the Young America's Foundation that she was contacted for allegedly violating the sorority's code of conduct.

In a text message obtained by the outlet, a woman named Hope said, "A post/video was brought to [the sorority's] attention where you are wearing an Alpha Phi sweatshirt and voicing political views."

She then cited a rule in the code of conduct for Alpha Phi members: "Because Alpha Phi believes that a multicultural experience during the college years enhances each members ability to function in a pluralistic society, Alpha Phi affirms that it does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sexual orientation, national origin, religious preference, or disability. Alpha Phi will not tolerate such discrimination by any of its members."

Hines also told Breitbart News that shortly after the video was posted, she was contacted by members of the Alpha Phi International Fraternity Delta Tau Judiciary Board.

The organization requested a meeting to discuss her alleged "inappropriate social media content."

Hines alleged that she "was given 4.5 hours" to delete the post, when peers in similar positions typically get 12 hours.

During her Zoom meeting with the executive board, Hines claimed to Breitbart News that the chapter's adviser "crossed a line" in their discussion of her actions.

"As she put it, I was intending to belittle and demean someone for their beliefs," Hines told Breitbart News. "They asked if I was remorseful at all, and I said I regret wearing the [Alpha Phi] sweatshirt, but was not going to apologize for my beliefs."

After the meeting, Hines received an email that she was no longer a sorority sister in the LSU Alpha Phi chapter.

"It is with sincere regret that we inform you that the actions of the International Executive Board to terminate your membership in Alpha Phi International Fraternity became effective," the email obtained by Breitbart News read.

"The way this situation unfolded has been absolutely ridiculous," she told the Young America's Foundation. "My religious beliefs have been pushed under the rug because the social construct of gender has become such a big issue."

She also told Breitbart News that the sorority is "trying to censor the opposition out of existence, but it does the exact opposite, by fueling conservative voices to speak out even more, and louder."

"We've got a massive movement of conservatives that are fed up, and I can't wait to see it continue to grow."

Hines also posted a video about the conflicts she faced with her now former sorority sisters. In the clip, she shows a screenshot from an Instagram DM with an unnamed LSU student, who criticized her views on transgenderism.

"Babe, being transphobic doesn't mean you're a 'free thinker,'" the message reads.

"'Sisterhood' looks different here," Hines says in on-screen text.

In the Instagram caption, she slammed her Greek life experience.

"This is just a GLIMPSE of how Greek life can be if you don't fall in line with their ideologies. My religious beliefs & following basic biology make me transphobic... noted," she wrote.

Many on TikTok supported the Alpha Phi sorority, and supported Levine as a transgender woman.

"You think being transphobic is a good thing?" one person wrote. "I'm unfollowing [you]," commented another.

Newsweek reached out to both Hines and the LSU Alpha Phi chapter, but neither immediately responded to requests for comment.

This is not the first time LSU's Greek life community has gotten into national hot water. In 2019, a student trying to join the Phi Delta Theta fraternity died during a hazing incident referred to as "Bible study." Two students in the organization were jailed for 30 days.

Sorority girl criticized video about Rachel Levine
A student at LSU claims that she was removed from her sorority for posting her conservative opinions online, including a post critical of Dr. Rachel Levine, the transgender assistant secretary for health in the United States (pictured, right). Left to Right: Nick Doan/WireImage/Getty Images, Caroline Brehman-Pool/Getty Images