Child Selflessly Shields Dog From Rain With Umbrella in Heartwarming Video

Small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Whether it be a helping hand when we've fallen down, a shoulder to cry on or just the offer of a hot drink at the end of a long day, simple gestures make the world a better place—and they deserve to be celebrated.

This is why, when a video surfaced on Twitter of a young girl selflessly shielding a dog from pouring rain, social media users flooded the replies section with admiring comments.

In the clip, the girl can be seen holding her brightly colored umbrella over the animal, following it round to keep it dry as the rain crashes down on her.

The child, who is wearing a grey hooded jacket and pink leggings, is apparently unaware that she is being filmed.

The footage was shared to Twitter by Susanta Nanda, an officer in the Indian Forest Service, who captioned it: "Kindness is doing little things for someone else because you can."

The 12-second clip was posted on May 3 and has since gone viral, racking up close to 13,000 views and more than 1,700 likes.

Many social media users rushed to leave comments praising the girl and her parents for her upbringing.

One Twitter user, @jaihind143rr, wrote: "This is how one shud raise your kids.. They shud have kindness and compassion for the world around them.. Great humans [sic]."

Kindness is doing little things for someone else because you can💕

— Susanta Nanda IFS (@susantananda3) May 3, 2021

Another person, @ncsukumar1, posted: "Wow, A child n his/her thoughts n actions just reflects what their parents instill as values in their minds."

A third, @mskannu09, tweeted: "Grateful to the kid's parents, who had taught good principles."

A fourth user, @Ananya06349254, commented: "Showing kindness to animals is always satisfying."

While this clip could inspire us to be kinder to animals, another recent viral video shows that dogs can inspire us to be kinder to everyone.

In footage posted on Twitter on Tuesday—and also shared by an officer in the Indian Forest Service— a dog can be seen walking down a road as a driver drops an object wrapped in plastic out of their car window.

The dog rushes over to pick up the discarded item in its mouth and drops it back through the car window, cleaning up the road.

The video was posted with the caption: "A lesson to you, dear Humans! Ps - Let's appreciate the training given to this dog."

The 15-second clip has been watched more than 20,000 times and garnered over 2,200 likes.

little girl umbrella
Stock image of a girl holding an umbrella. In a viral video, a young girl chose to shield a dog from the rain instead of herself. Getty Images