From 'Girls' to 'Sex Education': We Chart Jemima Kirke's Career So Far

The third season of Netflix's Sex Education is released soon, and the series is getting a boost with the addition of Jemima Kirke, best-known for her role in HBO's hit series Girls.

Jemima Kirke has been in the entertainment industry for some time, with her first project taking place in 2005. The 36-year-old British-American actor became best known for her collaborations with Lena Dunham, who is a friend from childhood after they attended Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn as teenagers. Kirke and Dunham even wore matching outfits to the 2019 Met Gala.

Now, Kirke will be guest-starring in the new series of Sex Education, and will appear in the highly anticipated Sally Rooney adaptation Conversations with Friends.

Kirke is also an artist outside of her acting work, having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Ahead of the release of the third season of Netflix's Sex Education, we chart Jemima Kirke's rise to stardom.

Jemima Kirke's Career From 'Girls' to 'Sex Education'

Kirke's first role was in a short film from John Lennon's son Sean Ono Lennon.

In the movie, Smile for the Camera, Kirke performed a voice role as a singer alongside her sister, Domino Kirke.

Her on-screen debut was in Tiny Furniture, one of Lena Dunham's early features, after which she was cast in perhaps her best-known role as Jessa Johansson in Girls.

Girls, broadcast on HBO from 2012 to 2017, was Dunham's first TV series which became the breakthrough for her and her co-stars including Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver and Allison Williams.

The actor also worked on other projects during her time in the show, playing Ivy in the movie Ava's Possessions in 2015 and having voice roles in Axe Cop and The Simpsons in the same year.

She mainly worked in TV after Girls ended in 2017, appearing in miniseries Maniac in 2018 and 2019's High Maintenance.

She has had movie roles since the ending of Girls, taking part in three films in 2018: Wild Honey Pie, Untogether and All These Small Moments.

This year, she will be appearing in Sex Education as the new headmistress of Moordale, Hope Haddon.

Speaking to Glamour U.K. about the upcoming season, she said: "It's f***ing hilarious and this season so far, from what I've seen, is really exceptional. There's really never a dull moment. There's no boring storyline."

Kirke also said she has tried to resist being typecast since her time in Girls, and the uptight headmistress seems a good choice to step away from that.

In 2022, Kirke will be taking part in another show, Conversations with Friends, which is an adaptation of Sally Rooney's book of the same name.

She stars as Melissa, one of four main characters, who is married to Nick (played by Joe Alwyn.)

Outside of her acting, Kirke has had a number of exhibitions showcased in New York City.

Her first was in 2011, after which her work was exhibited in 2017-2018 at the Sargent's Daughters gallery.

This exhibition featured a self-portrait of Kirke in a wedding dress, as well as other bridal portraits.

Jemima Kirke Sex Education
Jemima Kirke plays Headmistress Hope Haddon in Sex Education Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX